17 April 2008


13 April 08 - 15 April 08
An unforgettable early morning river cruise along the Kinabatangan river.
I sat at the back of the boat drowned with wonders and amazement of the longest river in my tanah air.
The homestay program was such a blast because of the warm hospitality of the villagers n of course because of the fiery cheerfulness of our students.
i think the key word for the whole program should be "woo hoooooooo" (shout until u can shout no more) - siok ba (^_^)
The most unforgettable part was of course the river cruise, the one hour jungle trek, n the gala nite a.k.a students performing madly, enthusiastichally n..gila -ly..
wooooHoooooo pewitttttttt!!!

The unforgettable early morning river cruise along the misty Kinabatangan river. It didnt give me the shivers, just plain coolness and peace of mind. no wonders the animals live happily around here, esp the Proboscis monkeys and hornbills.

Looking at the sunrise - pure amazament.
This is how we do it. i was in the fourth boat. i think the boatman wanted to race - to see who make it first, to our stop.

The majestic Kinabatangan bridge. My host family lives just nearby this bridge. Salute to my host family for their warm hospitality. the thing that really made me feel welcome when entering my host family home was finding a bath towel well folded at the edge of the bed - fantastic - just what we needed after a 6 hours drive.


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