12 December 2011

Reunion, Work, Logos

Here's some updates from nc..
kekekek..mcm la ada yg berminat kn..
but i really feel like updating my blog this rainy afternoon.
Paperwork..sasr dlu kamurang saaaaaana..

we had this little reunion last weekend.
with some of our university mates back in UMS.
We had it at the Roof Restaurant in Imperial Hotel, KK.
Urm..it was a great venue,, because it seemed we're the only people accommodating the place. 
Kay of Tulus Dari Hati was part of the little reunion.
Notice which one is Kay?

A few nites back before..
our college held an annual dinner for its staff..and i got an award!!!
award apa? hehe..ada la kunun tu.
Our college was given the 5 star rating award by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Only two colleges in Sabah got that award.
So..mari2...study di sini..
haha..sempat lagi promosi.

Thats me..kunun, being presented with the sijil award (doi) by one of our bosses.

And finally of course..
a few more nites before that..
i got the chance to visit Logos Hope with my sister..
I thought i was not going to buy any books.
ada juga 4 buku ni kena beli..
siap beli poster itu logos hope lagi.
sa lakat bilik sana kampung...hahaha
cantik bah kn..

Nope, i didn't buy this book.
Tapi kalau kena kasi hadian..bulih juga ba kn.

Hehe..hope to update again soon.

Have a great holiday to all


Stella said...

Nice oh..ada reunion ;)

Btw, sya x dpt p tu logos..sbb sya nun jauh sini utara..

aemy shamy said...

congrats for the award!!!
i went to Logos too..it's over now right? huhu. i wish it'll come back again soon ^^

annieming said...

Kay is the one sitting on your left kan Nc? Hehe..

Aah itu Logos Hope. Tapun ja dapat pigi tu sebab sa sedang berenjoy di kampung halaman.. Sioknya kamurang dapat tepigi sudah..

Arms said...

Sia nampak si Kay! Hi Kay! ;D

Wa congrats to your college for getting the 5 star rating award. Among the two ba kan. Hebat.

by the way, sepa tu yang sebelah lelaki pakai topi tu. Hehehee. jk.

Oya Nancy, kalo ko free la kan... join tag sia a. Ko begambar la sama baby ko ka. Hehee.

beaty said...

sa nampak c kay..he he he he

wah siok kan gather pas beberapa tahun kan

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