Hey everyone,
Your's Sincerely..nc is introducing a new segment in its humble blog.
It's called Nc's Hot Blog Chat..which will be featured every Monday.
Consider this as a 'pick-me-up' to hush away the Monday blues..or  simply a platform where you can share your thoughts and ideas on the topic..which i'm sure will enlightened you. 

The Hot Blog Chat for today..

Secrets To A Happy Marriage.

They say marriage is made in heaven..that's why it's everlasting.
But i'm pretty sure there are some other secret ingredients of that heavenly match. 
Of which only you know.

So what is the secret to a happy marriage?

Married and happy? Good.
Going to get married? Great.

bah, jan malu2 a..
Sharing is caring.
Let the blog chat begins.  

The Hot Blog Chat will be using the Facebook social plugins as the chat box..
Easy breezy.
You don't have to 'Post this to Facebook' if you don't want to.
..it's the thought that counts.


beaty said...

bh sa suda kumin2 tu sana chat box..siok juga ni nc

nancypeter said...

thnks :) actually inda pyh kumin2 sini pun bleh ba..kasi susah2 kamurang ja.hehe..sb tu sa guna fesbuk punya plugin utk ini. but..thnks so much juga a ;)

Just said...

hi nc.. great segment u have but i can't join.. nda buli beFB sini ofis. kena block! huhuh... 

nancypeter said...

aiya..ya ka..alala..indapa baitu. bila2 pun bleh join nanti..sb ni segment sa kunun ni..weekly. 
so ini la topic untk minggu ini hehe..
sja2 ba ni, menghilang kn keboringan smbil menambah ilmu di dada..aiceh..

a-Me said...

Hi nc.. sa pn bru mo try test tgok2 + add2 comment knun la.. Hehe.. tp sma mcam si Just jga ni.. FB bane.. So x dapat mo comment2+tgok2.. :)

Faisal Seo said...

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