13 September 2011

Meet Our Cats.

Meet our cats.
16 of them..or is it 17..19?
ah..who cares.
You are welcome to meet them..in pictures.

Another cat..we warmly call si Putih..is not in the picture.
hehe..mcm la yg lain inda putih2 juga kn.
Kuat merayau.

The whole family lost count on how many exactly cats we have in the house.
Too many?
May be.
But as long as we can keep them sheltered and attend to them..then..no problem.

Why have so many cats?
Rezeki or not..i believe these cats are 'bestowed' to us for a reason..
(mau 'muntah' kali org yg anti-kucing baca ni tau..)
They have the whole forest and our home yard as their playground..
Some of the cats sleep and manja2 with our dogs..
Some followed my mother and father when they are out 'memutung'.. (betul..)
Some..just sleep, the whole day.

You will find them almost everywhere around the house.

Meet the house favourite cats.
L-R: A siamese kitten, our little 'Garfield', and Akin the taiko in the house.

Friskies time!!
The cats favourite time of the day of course.

. . . . . . .
aiya. cats story ends here.
The babe's awake.

nanti sa sambung.

ciao miao for now.
but more cats story in the future.

can't help it.


Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Nc, ko ada 'extra' kucing siam lagi. Male sa mau. My Chika nda suka 'berlaki' kan Persian. (><)

BTW, paduli lah urang yg anti-kucing muntah2 baca, yg penting urang-urang mcm sa yg terlalu mencintai kucing SUKA!! yipess..

p/s geram sa tinguk kucing2 ko ;p

Aemy Shamy said...

you have soooo many cats!!! omg! i'm so jealous!! would you give me 1?? heehehee...

lydia1212 said...

sya pun suka kucing.. tinggal 5 lagi kucing d rumah sya hehe...

AnnieMing said...

Oh my Nc, si Akin yang the taiko in the house, he almost look alike with my darling Diamond! Dia yang tuna paling besar tu kan? Ikur pun hampir2 sama ni. T_T Huhu.. Sa rindu terus Diamond sa..

CathJ said...

wowwww punya banyak... salute you.. cantik oh tu black and white yg ada reben merah di leher... sexy oh... ^_^

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Alalah..puya banyak.

Alv0808 said...

cute..cute..cute.. cant say more

kay masingan said...

si siam tu yang adik beradik si bambi ka?

nancypeter said...

iya, dia la tu. si kembar siam :)

nancypeter said...

thnk u thnk u thnk u (^_^)

nancypeter said...

mcm ada harapan tambah rakyat lagi ni tau dorang..haha..ntah la

nancypeter said...

o..si Akin..hehe.sengaja tu kami kasi pakai dia reben merah..supaya org tau ini kucing ada org punya, kalu2 la dia merayau2 kn.. n ada org mau culik. hehehe

nancypeter said...

ko tau Annie, i almost wanted to give him to u when this Akin was little n u just lost ur Diamond. tpi..sa tefikir2 juga nanti makin ko rindu pla sama si Diamond kalu trus2 ada pengganti ni..

nancypeter said...

way to go Lydia :) ngam la tu.. sa hairan o kenapa org ada inda suka kucing kn..

nancypeter said...

no problem Aemy..if u really want one.. just tell me a... hehe

nancypeter said...

geram tingu dorang kn.. tpi kn kdg2 bikin geram sama perangai dorang ni. biasa la kucing. 

bah, kalu ada kucing siam male sa, nanti sa bg tau a.. hehe

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