05 July 2011

The Dream Journal II

..i started the dream journal a few months ago in this blog.
as a record to all the bad dreams i had during my pregnancy period.
i thought i will only be writing it once.
not until last nite..when i had the worst nightmare. in my life. ever.

4th July 2011.
I was walking on a wide muddy path with my mother. Talking..walking..going down hill.
A little boy with no clothes on suddenly came out from our right..riding a thin baby elephant.
In front of us was a man. Suddenly. He was waiting for the little boy. 
Mother and i just watched.
The man and the boy took a bath from a small puddle of mud in front of us. We walked pass them.

We came to another stop.
Another little boy wearing glasses was busy transporting plastics of garbage away from his house..to the roadside.
 yep. the then wide path of muddy road was now a busy road filled with cars. speeding towards us.

That little boy was suddenly pushing a tank of gas (cooking gas) to the edge of the road.
we shouted for him to stop..as there were a lot of cars..and a big tanker heading our way.
Too late.

Right in front of my eyes i saw the tanker screeching its way, trying its best to stop before hitting us and the tanks of gas being pushed down the road by the boy. 
Right in front of my eyes..i saw there were no other way to turn around and escape from the burning flame coming out from the screeching tanker.  
Right in front of my eyes..i saw my mother..and suddenly my younger sister were there with me, surviving the last moment of our lives and knowing it will end soon. 

Fire. Explosion. Burnt.
I could feel the heat of the explosion. We were in the middle of it. Real.
But then, I realized then i was shield. Not burnt.
Shield by my mother and sister who were lying on top of me.
I could hear my mother scream. I touched her shoulder.

I was trembling.
It was so real.

Why such dream.
So tired today.


Verone said...

Hi NC,
when I was pregnant I had all sorts of weird dreams too. My doctor told me it is normal to have dreams that have blood in it. Must be the expectant mother's realization of anxiety. And yes, the dreams seem so real they can really bother you. Take it easy and keep well ya :)

nc said...

Thnks for sharing too verone..i really appreciate it. i know its usual for pregnant ladies to have weird dreams..but sometimes..bikin stress o kn..

AngeL BeaR said...

pray before u go to sleep. ask st. michael to protect you in sleep. say 1 our father, 3 hail marys daily, 1 glory be's daily.

don't stress yourself ya...it will effect the baby nanti. take good care of yourself.

CathJ said...

Memang mcm tu lah tu Nc.. like me.. aduh.. so torture.. bukan saja torture angkat erut.. tidur.. di mimpi pun ada lagi.. syukur lah my mom was around by the time saya mau beranak sudah.. setiap malam kena pray over sebelum tidur..

Uzoeiy@ Zoi said...

Memang penat tu Nc, pa lg mimpi buruk2 gitu. Trus teda semangat pagi2. Nasib la sy ni jenis yang nda pandai ingat mimpi o. Tapi rasa rugi kadang2 kalau mimpi yg siok2 pun sy nda ingat..haha.

Mia said...

sya pun memang selalu mimpi buruk tu Nc kalau masa pregnant dulu....tapi selalu mimpi hantulah....nda tau hantu jenis apa tapi yg penting muka memang amat menakutkan...akhir mimpi tu mesti tu hantu mau terkam suda sya lepas tu sya mo berteriak ni nda terkeluar suara...yg sya ingat masa pregnant anak pertama tu si dzul sampai kasi bangun sya sebab nampak sya bergerak2 masa tidur macam mo melepaskan diri....sya terbangun masa tu rasa macam penat betul.....

beaty said...

wah begini ka pula kalau pregnant? ada mimpi buruk..hope u can go through all of this..

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