4 more weeks before my expected due date..and i really feel it's OK to give my self and my students a pat on the back for materializing a community event with the Society for Preventions of Cruelty to Animals, KK (SPCA) It's a dream come true for me.
Ever since the first visit to the temporary cat shelter with my blogger friends Annieming, Chegu Carol and Deanona, i felt a deep responsibility in going there again and help. As much as possible. As fast as possible. Since i don't have much time..before the big C period. Confinement.

Under the community care club in the college, we managed to raise fund of a few hundred ringgits and fulfill some of the wish list of SPCA KK. 
Yep..and donated it when the team came to the college premise for an awareness talk on the preventions of cruelty to animals. A truly inspiring and eye opening  sharing by the President of SPCA KK himself..Mr Mohd Iskandar Ali. It was great to finally be able to meet the team of committed members of SPCA KK.

Here's a mini poster of the day's event.
isk..bangga juga la ba kn.. dpt ketemu akhir nya dgn mereka2 yg berusaha terhadap perlindungan haiwan2 domestik ni.. :)

And the best part was.. the real volunteer work at the temporary cat shelter the next day!
The students..who were also then a member of SPCA KK (yep..through the free membership drive until the end of this year) were all eager to lend a helping hand and bring positive change to the environment of the shelter.

And i thought these teenagers didn't have a good heart. 
They did. 
The damaged ceiling was cleaned..the food/drinks bowl were washed, the floor was cleaned and mopped..the grass was cleared.

And the most challenging task of the day was..
cleaning the clogged drain..surrounding the area.
From black murky water ..we saw little fish or i think it was the tadpoles swimming happily in the drain after the drain is finally able to flow water on its own.
Hopefully it stays that way.

The public should be more aware on what and how we can offer to help a cause..kan?
You and me.. we can do so much..no matter how little it is.
These young students of mine were also clueless about such society that exists to help 'those who cannot speak for themselves'.
The talk has open their mind. The real task has open their hearts. 
Hopefully more good things will result from this.

As final year students..i wish them all the best in their future undertakings..and should they continue to fight for the cause they believe in..well..that's another story to post. 
I'm sure.

Btw..got my SPCA membership card already. hehe..very2 happy..that's why i was even more motivated to organize these activities.
and..thnk heaven hubbi was there too.. tulung2 juga dia gi korek2 tu parit..sempat lagi join budak2 tu minum air kelapa..aiseh..
no pictures of me with any of the cats these time though,,too heavy la the cats now.. for me to carry.
But im soooo glad.. i met the familiar faces of the cats there again..Amai..Oily..Zoey..Charlie..
love to visit them again in the future :)

But until then..

cuti dlu la sa beberapa bulan a..hehe


chegu carol said...

Kudos to you and your students nc! really2 a good job. Memang deserve a pat on the back. The longkang2 really look different now. Lebih clear ni.

AnnieMing said...

Waa what a major change you guys have made at the temp cat shelter! ^_^ Heih ko tau la bah saya ni kan cepat betul emo, just by reading your post and looking at each pic, macam mau memangis pula sa rasa. Tapi this time bukan yang sedih, sa rasa sangat terharu.. Great job, Nc, for bringing your hubby & your students there!

Vienne said...

woooww..Great job u have there...sa yang lama suda bilang mo pigi, tidak terpigi2..huhu..next time sa pun mo ikut aa..

The Dusun Aroma said...

well done NC! :D

Just said...

*clap hands*
Great jobs moy! :)

nc said...

Chegu Carol:
thnk u chegu.. iya ba, paling menonjol kn itu longkang juga la..sb sana yg dorang paling penat buat keja..smpai sakit pinggang ni hehe

jn bah ko menangis a.. cantik sda itu tempat tu.. skg itu tingaw2 cuma perlu companion. kesian dorang slu kena tinggal2 o kn..nanti len kali kita p lawat2 lagi a..boleh ba tu :)

boleh tu.. ko call ja itu org2 di spca.. lagi best kalu ko bawa student2 ko ..hehe..dorang sgt2 perlu volunteers sana dog shelter.. kasian o..kami mau pgi juga da..tpi inda sempat urus transport :(

The Dusun Aroma:
oh..tatap.. :)

thnk u thnk u... :)

StellaClaire-Richard said...

waa rajin juga ko NC.. hehe..btw gud job..:)

beaty said...

wah ramai juga yang pigi owh kan nc..

ACIC_iCare said...
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nc said...

hehe..iya..rajin o kn..aiseh.. :) thnk u

ya, sa pun tekejut juga ramai yg berminat. the problem is most people dont have the exposure bah.. byg kn kalau setiap sekolah atau iPTA buat this kind of programme..we can help a lot o :)

CathJ said...

eh.. terberenti saya sekejap... betul kah ni nc punya blog...hihihihi... nice...

and terbasah juga mata baca ni post.. very touching... rajin juga ni adik2 semua.. Good JOB semua..

Mr. Stevie @ Arif said...


Job well done. Your charity work is very much appreciated and admired.

Regards :)

nc said...

iya, blog sia la ni kunun..boring sda sia bnyk tu widget2..jadi kasi clean n clear ni kali..hahahah..
terima kasih...harap2 dpt pahala juga la kami smua ni di lain hari kn..hehe..
tpi kn.. im thinking of going there again ni.. with siapa2 sja la ;)

Mr Stevie:
terima kasih.. nanti len kali klu ko ngam2 di sini.. kita pgi ramai2 a..hehe

Sheamus Warior said...

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