16 July 2011

The Membership Card

Another cat story?
Just want to show off my membership card..finally.

I AM a member of the pride organization: SPCA KK
The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Kota Kinabalu.

though only an ordinary member, i will try my best to help in whatever approach possible.
Semangat membantu haiwan2 yg semakin berkobar2 ni kunun..
tpi skg ni tepaksa post poned dlu la sekejap.

I really like the look of the card.
Simple..and a cute blue background.

Do you know that you can also obtain one..by becoming a member of course.
SPCA KK is now having a free membership drive which last until the end of this year.
There is no registration fee.
Just fill in the form and sent it.
You are officially a member once you got the membership card in two weeks time.
Here..click the website here..for more info.

.it's been a week since we went to the cat shelter.
i wonder how they are doing..

One of the cats..playing with the ropes..purposely put there for them.

I always remind this to my self:
"if you care enough for something..
believe in that cause,
and fight for it."

some of my friends..don't understand why i love cats so much.
Hehe..come on..it's just like when you love and care for someone so much.
You would do everything you can to make sure they're happy and taken care of, isn't it.
Everything and everyone deserve love.
So do the cats..especially those who are unloved and unprotected.

I have a good cause that i believed in.
What about you?


CathJ said...

siap ada kad lagi.. ^_^.. keep it up.. ^_^

Verone said...

keep up the good work :)

kay masingan said...

oh, kad yang ko kasi tingu sia kan ni..heheheh

AnnieMing said...

Great! Saya pun mau ada juga laa.. Hehe..

memeljoan said...

yeah!teruskan membantu...i like...ehehhe

nc said...

tatap..inda mau ketinggalan ni ba.. hehe

thnks.. wil do if there's a chance :)

Kay M:
hehe..ya, ni la tu..

mesti..bah..jom cepat kita jadi member ramai2 :)

yesh..pasti akan. aiseh.. tggu masa yg sesuai dlu la nanti..hehe

beaty said...

wah ada kad suda NC..wah mcm xklusif pula kan..

StellaClaire-Richard said...

cantik tu kad... official member suda la kan..:)

Armstrong said...


Aww can I become a member too... But I'm not in KK anymore :(

Yea, give me high five NC ;D Cats rule... cats even rule the internet LOL.

Nasir said...

Really very beautiful and cunning effects used..... I am amazed.
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Mustaneer Ali said...

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