If you're a fan of fantasy and fairy tale..don't miss this movie for anything.
i repeat - ANYTHiNG.

Having just experienced Narnia just now..it feels amazing how it seems that i too (ceh..kunun)..was brought back to Narnia. ok ok..allow me to give you THREE good reasons WHY you SHOULD watch Narnia 3.

Reason 1:
Ben Barnes.
i mean..King Caspian.
If you've watched the previous Narnia 2 movie, you'll understand what i mean. hehe
Yep, he's in the third movie as well.

Reason 2:

The great leader of the land in his solemn and pure greatness.
Sometimes it makes us wonder the real 'function' of Aslan's role..
"why isn't he helping the kids?..why does he let it all happen? Where is he?
Why isn't he there in time of danger?"
...sound familiar?
of course.
You know the answers.
A preview of Aslan's country - beyond the waves.

Reason 3:

The kids cousin who was accidentally dragged to Narnia.
A non believer of fantasy, fairy tales and dragons..

Until he became one.

A real spit-fire hero.
And guess what, ( i don't mean to spill the beans..but,)..boy Eustace will be the continuing hero of the next and next and perhaps till the Last Battle of Narnia.

bah..cukup laini. Kamu gi tengok sendiri a.
tpi jn tgk 3D..mcm rugi. 
best lagi tengok teda pakai tu cermin mata. balik2 mau jatuh. 
n tidak berapa menonjol ba 3D efek dia. 
ada bnyk part teda 3D efek pun.
bulih2 sa inda pakai tu cermin mata.

nc says: i want to name my cat Aslan. bulih kah. (^_^)
o ya, ALL pictures are courtesy of Narnia..eh,, Googles.

Ok, the official trailer

And here's a preview of the previous two Narnia movies (if you haven;t watched it)..with one of my favourite soundtrack in the movie: No Need To Say Goodbye.


Suhaira Wafiah binti Hasrin said...

Ben Barnes paling hot!! *drooling* ehehehe..

Si Eustace tu bha. Annoying tapi funny nie bha. Hihi~ =)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

i didnt watch the second one ba...so takut i blur2 nanti..huhu

chegu carol said...

manda, dont worry it's totally a different adventure from the 2nd part. :)

i wasnt really into king caspian in narnia 2...but in narnia 3, dang he is charming! grown macho than previously i must say :)

and i hafta agree with u about eustace...bagus pi baca buku dia baru lah tia paya tunggu2 next movie out heehhe

Angel said...

Wah! Sa belum tengok lagi. Kena p tengok ni mcm ni. Hehe :)

Ask said...

aku dah tgk.. bru jak siang tadi.. mmg best lah.. ending dia tue sedih plak.. rasa2 nya ada ka ya next narnia punya movie.. btw.. aku suka watak si ustage klu tak silap.. haha~ lucu nie.. =)

nc said...

he looks so much like keannu reeves kn? :) imean ben barnes

aha..the only thing you have missed in the second part is ben barnes as prince caspian. now he's a king. enjoy the movie ;)

Chegu Carol:
i agree with you too. sooooo caspian kn. as for eustace..boy, he's going to be the next hero. got a glimpse of the whole chronicles from wikipedia actually.hahaha..bnyk pula cerita dia tu

ya, mesti gi tgk, tpi jn tingu 4D a, nda best. ba, nanti buat review juga k :)

memang best kn. sa pun rasa2 mcm mau tgk lagi. yep, ada lagi chronicles2 seterusnya..so don;t miss it ;)

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Handsome kan? :).

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