30 March 2010

I want to train a dragon

so , urmm..how do you train a dragon?
hehe..lets do it Hiccup's way :)

A very entertaining movie.
Night Fury (the dragon) is so adorable..hehe..with that green cat's eye.

Have you watched it?
Come on come on :)
We need to let ourselves loose in fantasy sometimes.. and this is the time hehe
Highly recommended, though a lot of movie critics gave a bad review of the movie. Maybe because of the 'kill dragon' element that is in the movie.
but..it's for u to decide.

nc says: bah,, mana mau cari naga ni ..haha


Santafire said...

kk still dont have 3d cinema ka?
i watched this in 3d, its vanglorious!

Kris and Nadia said...

Ya.... best ooo kan :) sya pun o cari dragon la :)

Angel said...

cepat2 la ada 3d d kk!!!

sa mo tengok ni nnt. mcm best :)

SJB said...

My boys pun tidak sabar mahu pigi tengok ni movie. Susah bah kalau ada baby kecil ni hehehe. lain kali lah suruh dorang pigi sendiri hehehe.

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