I don't know who holds tomorrow

I just live from day to day

I don't borrow from its sunshine

For its skies may turn to grey

I don't worry over the future

For i know what Jesus said

And today I'll walk beside Him

For he knows what is ahead

Many things about tomorrow

I don't seem to understand

But i know who holds tomorrow

And i know who holds my hand.

I was choking with tears while singing the verses of the song.
The solemn atmosphere filled everyone's heart with sadness and tears.
. . .
..just came back from a funeral mass service today.
- of a good friend, a good colleague's husband.
Though not really closed to the deceased, :(
looking at my good friend's condition..made me think of my own fate in the future.
Anything could happen. Anytime. Anywhere.
We might be called back HOME when He says so. When it is time.
Without a word of goodbye to our beloved, families, friends.Anyone.
Are we ready.
The priest reminded us that death is just giving way to victory.
If we hold on to our faith.
He who believes - lives.
I believe.
Still, we cannot deny the grief that comes along. can we.
I could hardly forget the moment i wrote a remembrance for a late friend, last month.
And now.. :(
Life is unpredictable.
Be strong.Align Centerg dear friend.
We are with you always.

nc says: as long as i live..my blog lives. and hopefully will still be here, even when i am not.


SJB said...

Life is short...

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