30 October 2009

Wedding FLower Flower

I wish.
I wish i could have all these orchids to surround our wedding day.
hehe..how i wish.

..unfortunately, these beautiful orchids were part of the Orhid Exhibition held in Star City Complex (sampai esok ja ni). I brought my students there to have a look and learn about these extraodinary flora. Have a look urself..
with my 2 mega pixel punya kuasa..hehe..

hen piao liang o..:) most of the visitors were chinese who seemed very3 interested in these plants.

O my goodness..purple and white orhids!! just right for our wedding occasion - kunun. hmm..

this type of orchid is given the name Hello Kitty. too cute to be true. :)

Okay. I will need lots and lots of this one. Deep purple orchids.
hehe..mana mau dpt free a..

This is the biggest orhids i've ever seen. look at the pure white colour. suci dan murni..

By the way, all the orhids are from Taiwan. BUT, according to a tour guide that one of my student bumped into during the exhibition, claimed that all these orhids can be found in Borneo. hehe..what say u? We do have more than a thousand species of wild orchids here in Sabah.

nc says: taiwan kah..sabah kah..kalu sa dpt ni smua free..waaaaaa so happy!!


Ervina said...

emm...lawa!!! ko mo FREE??? buli ba kalo ko.... TANAM la sendiri! hehehe... kalo enda pun pigi la curi okid orang lain... hehehhe

nc said...

haha..ya ba,, kalu ada free sapa nda mau.mahal o tu bunga2 tu..paling murah..rm50,, tu pn yg belm ada bunga langsung.

inda sempat gia ni kalu mau tanam sndri...nda pa la..pkai bunga plastik

Mama Mia said...

hey..sia rasa sia ada ni orkid putih di ruma..tapi..mau gugur suda bunga dia la. lama suda gia..:D

memeljoan said...

Hi nc...err, pa ko punya theme color utk wedding ko? jgn2 sama juga theme kita ni purple white...

nc said...

hi memeljoan,,

nasib wedding date nda sma kn..u first..then the next day,, baru kami.. :)

theme kaler,, we only use purple. dont wory,, tak sama..hehe..cuma purple juga la.. :)

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