28 October 2009

Marriage Made In Heaven

They say marriage is made in heaven.
A lot of people say so. No?
. . . . .

I still cant brush off what i've heard a few weeks ago - at church.
"tiada perkahwinan di syurga," the priest said in a sermon.

:( there was a big full stop in my mind.

The whole sermon was something about how we would be in the NEXT life - IF we make it there.
I cant help but wonder - until now: if marriage is really made in heaven, and why we have the blessed sacrament of marriage...WHY?
complaining..? not really. just thinking.. .t h i n k i n g.
can you imagine..we don't recognize one another anymore.. :( IF WE MAKE IT THERE.
Maybe its my S H A L L O W thoughts.
Forgive me, o Lord.
but..i guess, it is true. the world is never our own. even our souls.
Should we make it there..Praise.
In the meantime, appreciate whatever we have here now.

nc says: heaven knows..


Ervina said...

Jaddddiiii nanc... enda payah kawin laaa ni kan... hehe

nc said...

:) kaween ja la dlu hehe

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