21 March 2009

to Dream or not to Dream

when the sea's not smooth sailing,,a lot of creepy things crawl into yer mind..- my mind.

..i see the speeling IDIOT in between my name sometimes.

..but then again, without idiots - would there be any dreamers? ('.')

yea..hang in there for a while. letting go the rope = letting go of ur dream.
is that wat u really wanted?

but then,, i really am not paid to dream.
I need to pay to make a dream come true.

Hold on to yer dream.
It might be a meteoRIDE that 'll take u to heaven.

p/S: just a thought of the day.
blessings come n go.
happiness flow n go.
will dreams come n go..?


Kris and Nadia said...

ya.. nice thought over there.. dlu sya pun byk dreams but skrg mcm i forgot oredi wut r those dreams.. emm.. got to find those dreams again..huahua..
1. mau kahwin
2. melancong2 around the world wif husband
3. ada anak
4. ada smua la yg di perlukan.. :)

no big plan :) maybe mo jd millionaire.. - pg beli jackpot lu :)
thanks nc u make me realize my long lost dream :)

GregChai said...

misti ada plan ada dream bah

sometimes dreams do come true.

nc said...

nadia - mari kita kasi kabul dream dream kita a,, bermula bulan 6 ni a, hehe (wink*)

Gregchai - yep, dreams do come true.sometimes..its going to be a nightmare if everyone's dream come true ba kn,, hehe

Zoi said...

ai nc..wah..talk about dream ka? urmm..dream sa tahun ni 1 lg da tercapai, nak pay yang kepala dia sama dgn kepala 'umur' kita. So grateful la. Hujung tahun ni pla, slh 1 dream ko pun akan tercapai. hehe..

Gallivanter said...

Great stuff! I love the sarcasm! :-)

Mama Mia said...

Nice thots..When our dream(s) come true, it'll be the most memorable time in our life...:)

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