19 February 2009

..and the Award goes to...!!

Thanks a million to Nadia for all 3 awards..u deserve all the awards too

1st Award:

seksi kah tis blog,, haha,,but i do luv my shore - my haven
ada angin sepoi2..maybe that makes it sexy?? (^.*) (kunun)

2nd Award:

yeay..We are Friends..We are Cool..who..? YOU la,, yes you,,reading this,, (^_^)
its dedicated to all of you, my blogger friends
"Mia, grace, gracie, uzoiey, pamm, michelle, ervina, angelbear, beck, cath, DA, kisty, dawn, whanita, fredo, MT, johnny, gregchai, charles,,n of cos nadia"

3rd Award:
The Rules:
1.) Put the logo in your post.
2.) Write 5 things you are passionate about aside from blogging.
3.) Tag 5 people on your lists and let them know you tagged them.
Have fun blogging guys, and enjoy and don't forget to pass or tag your friends whom you think are passionate bloggers :-)

Five Things I'm passionate
(when $$ n time permits)
2) Relationships - Love and Friendship
(pinjam quote dari si nadia dlu)
3) FoOoOOOd
4) Facebook!!
(hate to admit tis actually)
5) Good movies

I think i will tag..



Kris and Nadia said...

yay.. :) good.. alah c gracie nda buli kana tag tu dia..huhu.. malas dia mo buat tag tu.. kan gracie? hihi...

nc said...

o ya kan,, tak pa la,, sb fren2 kn,, hehe,, :)

GregChai said...

thank you :D

-Beck; the Bandagedknee- said...

grabbed it.. ;) thanx will post soon.. :)

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