06 May 2008

Where I Grew Up

A place that i would dearly missed as home.
Neverending blue sky and sea.
Tanjung Aru.
I remember the time my sisters and i used to jog and spend evening leisure time at this peaceful place, for we lived just close by this oh - so common beach. No extravagant restaurants, no countless number of satay or chicken wings stall..just a few gerai of fruits, foods, n okay..a beach wont be a beach without any satay or chicken wings..n of cos the famous kacang rebus (^_^)
Humble and original - as my memory tells me of the now crowded n 'happening' place in Tanjung Aru.
Hmmph - i prefer it the way it used to be (call me sentimental..nostalgic, if you want)
Well,, we could never turn back time.
As beautiful as the beach was.. im still proud to say that this place still holds a special place inside everyone's heart for its unfaded beauty.
I once took a picture here - with the sea as the background.
None of my friends could guess where i took the picture.
So sad.
Nobody thought that the ever so common beach could be as beautiful as it is.
The moral lesson?
Im not sure..maybe its in the way we look at things.
May be its just me being overly sentimental.
May be..its just the beach, being her self.
A common beauty, forgotten yet loved by many.
Haha..okay stop the poetic phrases.
Im glad to still be able going here and watch the sunsets, walk under the stars ( i still couldnt belive i did that) and simply appreciate mother nature - I simply adore the sea which my fiance finds hard to understand! hahaha, lets not talk about men now.
Lets hit the beach now!
I took this picture a few weeks ago in the hot afternoon sun (^_^) crazy?

These walls may look tough, but not as tough as the waves when they're in the hit - the - beach mood.
I was trying very hard to focus on the sailing ships - notice the sun's reflections..very hot..

A skill that im still trying to be good at - taking pictures.

I didnt notice the little kid watching the ships from afar.

Later in the evening, a couple of brides were taking some wedding pictures in the park. I managed to grab my camera and did my part of the clicking - haha

What do you think?

Simply Tanjung Aru

The sands might not be as white as those in Bora Bora or Langkawi - but it is what makes it IT.


ErviNna said...

Hahahhaha... ya la ... dulu masa time muda2 lagi masa sekolah2... selalu stayback sbb mau pigi tg. aru beach saja ba... aiyo those was the days... compare to now arrr... the place banyak berubah kan...

Ono said...

huhu..cantik nya pix..rajin juga ko mengimbau masa lampau o..jiwang juga

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