07 May 2008

Little Fin

Finally, one of my new year's resolution comes to life and materialized.
Finally, bestowed with the skill and ability of swimming (^_^) that is after a couple of unforgiving 'kick kick kick' session in the pool.
I guess i owe everything to my friends who came up with the idea of learning how to swim - just in case the tsunami strikes again. My friends and i got ourselves a coach at the Likas swimming pool and attended lessons for a mere 8 times. One valuable tip we learned from the coach - "eat more bananas girls - then u hv the energy".
Nearly giving up because of the strenous kicking a.k.a swimming and breathing difficulties.
But, fearing the tsunami ;) and desire to challenge oneself, keeps us going,,well..keeps at least the three of us going - there were 5 of us at the start.
I have to mention that the thing we enjoy the most (other than the free flow of pool water - yakkss) , is the feast of food that we have after each lesson - hahaha,, talk about burning the calorie..we actually double our calorie to 'replenish' our lost energy. Anyway, for me, the best thing to gain is more self confidence and realized that a dream is not just a dream.
Its not that easy to wear a swim suit (even a modest one) in public (nod with me people..). But i overcome that feeling when i saw everyone can do it..why cant i? (^_^) And my dream of snorkelling in the sea with my beloved partner can be done anytime now. He has even given me the green light that its fine for me to swim and snorkell with him now if I want - which I cant wait to do!! No more hanging and floating behind his back this time hahaha.
Im glad.
Im glad im able to swim now, though not as professional as we were thought during lessons - my coach refers my swim style as the kampung style. Well kampung or not, the important thing is that i can swim. An all this mean one thing for me - a new found leisure activity and interest that i can share with my friends and my dear fiance.
People..we can do anything we want.
99% perspiration (ingat senang ka mau kick3) and 1% inspiration for me (please dont correct me)
My recent swim out was at the Tun Fuad Water World with my fiance - we went there twice within one and a half week. hmmm..got the feeling that we will be repeat and loyal customers to this place ;)
Its a nice cozy place. Small scale, big pool, O K A Y lah. be thankful with what we have ma..
Anybody going there any time soon - please..bring me along hahaha

The big pool. Mushroom shower tower :) Hit the water now people while listening to Rod Stewart..Have i Told You Lately..?? hahaha..boleh ba kalu kauu

Mr Fiance taking a shade from the sun under the wet mushroom - be tapuk kunun.

Thanks for reading my blog people..love ya.

Ahhh..my swim mates. Your the best!! (at the Likas swimming pool - after sunset)


ErviNna said...

hehe... i know ordy why u bertambah berat... sbb ko makan banyak after swimming sessions. that's what happend to me last time! after swimming class saja then makan bertambah berselera! kekekek bukan slim tapi gumuk! hehehehehe. ba nanti sia balik kita pigi swimming ya...

earthNgeL said...

wah..ok, baik lah.. ;)

Michelle Tan said...

wow...im so envy o...vy nice knw to swim...it is a vy vy good exercise..vy bad no time & companion for me to take swimming lesson...:(
but anyway, congratulation to u...at las u can swim wt ur honey..so romantic...:D

Kay said...
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