13 March 2012

N E V E: The New Layout

Yes. I call my everything here..N E V E.
I just had the thought of suddenly re arranged and revamp this little blog of mine, so that maybe, mayyyyyy be, may be i will blog a little more often. That's the real motivation.

Why the name NEVE?
Simple: That is my precious baby daughter's name.
Which brings the meaning of radiance, bright..and the spirit of a promising princess.
And, since i do blog most about Neve (which i hope u won't get bored..)..so, why not.

I have so many stories to tell..ecehceh..
Just wait til i get the ball rolling..hehe


Click HERE and tell me what you think of the HOME layout..hehe

enjoy ur stay..


Just said...

kim salam kiss n hug sama c neve aaa.. :)

chegu carol said...

clean slate. no fusss punya blog layout. i like :)

CathJ said...

Nicee.. :) keep blogging :)

Wen said...

NEVE.. cantik oh tu nama.. :)

Aki said...

Hai Neve.. ^_^.v..

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