19 March 2012

A Little Sporty Now

Me? Sporty?
Not in this lifetime.
All the years spent in primary and secondary..i tried my best to avoid any sporty stuff, especially during the Sports Day. Paling2 pun marching ja la kan..hehe
The same thing happened where ever i go n work. 

Came any sports thingy..i try my best to be involved with only the indoor games. Tu pun kalu rajin la..haha

Not until i was involved with the Student Affairs department of the place i'm working.
O yea.

Imagine being the sole organizer of the very thing you have been avoiding all your years alive!
. . . 
I have no choice but to organize the Sports Carnival Week of my college.
nah..ambik kau.

Running here and there.
Teriak sana sini.
Making sure everything is in order and all players for all games started n end on time.
And i couldn't even tell which ball is used for volleyball or netball.
Mati kau.

But then..
Everything went well.

I had no choice but to take part in most activities.
This was just one of the many telematch games prepared by the students..but most staff yang jadi mangsa permainan a..

I played bowling for the first time three or five years ago. And that's it.
I wanted to have fun and joined my students group this time.
They had to teach me to throw the bowl..kalu inda..belubang ba lantai.

I hit strike 5 times. :) wlau pun dengan kelajuan bola 20kmsejam..hehehe

Being involved with the Student Affairs means to be involved with the students.
I can only sit in my office a few hours everyday without being 'disturb' by the students.. :)

I never won any medals in my life.
It's ok..:) 

But i did win this:
Spelling Bee.
Paling manang.
Sumua betul.

I love my job.
I love my students (when they're nice and nice..nice..)
The place where it all happen.

Centre Point Court.

:) nanti lagi la a sa smbung cerita semangat kesukanan sa skg kunun..kekekek..


beaty said...

best!! ah ko tau sa lagi la inda pandai main boling ni..betul..sa inda pernah p main boing..sebab malu..

CathJ said...

Hahaha... 'mati kau' ah....ni kali la bola pun nda kanal.. Tapi tabik la.. Jadi organizer.... Hihihi...

Anyway.... Congrats.. Berjaya jg...

nc said...

Beaty: siok juga ba tu main2 wlaupun inda terer..hehe..asal kn enjoy. peduli la org lain tingu masuk parit ja..hehehe

CathJ: mimang 'mati' o..tpi nasib juga la..hahah

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