"I woke up today feeling Friday"
So many things happen last weekend which made it felt as if its just a normal working day.

I woke today..
realizing i only managed to trim my left hand nails..
the right ones..inda kesampaian.
gara2 mau layan si kiut kn..:)

inda apa. 
yg penting happy.

Our second wedding anniversary was also last week.
Only managed for a little dinner..
itu pun..dgn tefikir2 juga mcm mna sda baby di rumah kn.

what can i say..
Just sing la..
'bay beh..baybeh bay bey ooooo..'

Jeles juga la sama yg becuti2 ni..isk3...


beaty said...

happy wed anniversary...

Belle Maxwell Edwin said...

yay..happy wedniversary NC :)

Nancy P. Liew said...

thnks Belle :)

Nancy P. Liew said...

:) yayyyy..thnk u Beaty

Isabel said...

happy anniversary nc! :)

Stella said...

Hepi anniversary nc.. Kiut bah baby neve..

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