07 September 2011

Words for Wednesday

It is frustrating that people (especially those close to you)
 do not understand (refuse to understand) 
one's fascination and love for animals.
I love you.
Will be there for you.
As long as i could."

- Nc-


Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Agreed with you.

lydia1212 said...

well said. cheer up babe :)

Mell_f said...

i can relate to that. haih.

beaty said...

yeah NC betul tu

AnnieMing said...

I'm with you!

Armstrong said...

Even though I don't have any cats now since I don't have my own place yet, but I've had them since I can remember.

And it's also frustrating because people think I'm sissy because I'm a guy and I love meow. Hahaa.

Ken @ pesonabutiza.com said...

well said :)

nc said...

Dear all :)

thnks for AGREE ing with me hehe..
once a cat lover always a cat lover :)

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