17 September 2011

Baby Neve Special Visitor

How was your Malaysia day yesterday?
A special visitor was in the house yesterday.
Who? Give you a clue.
9 months pregnant and a 3 year old son.
A blogger and a working mother.

It’s none other than Uzoiey@Zoi the mommy blogger and a good friend since campus time. 
All the way, just to visit baby Neve :)

It was great to have good companies at home and updates each other on happenings and stuff. Kay Masingan..ada kami cerita2 pasal ko ni..hehe..yg bagus punya ba..
Yong Yong, Uzoiey’s 3 year old son was also there. Adei..makin kiut ni. Dia p tlg kipas2 si baby Neve. Kena kiss kiss lagi. I’m sure he can’t wait for the arrival of his baby brother..or is sister? ;)

And another great thing about yesterday was, it was also Uzoiey’s birthday. Senang nya mau ingat kn, sb ngam2 dgn tarikh penting..i’m sure they had an enjoyable celebration yesterday.
Bah, happy birthday a..stay forever young and have a safe delivery.
The picture above is for you. cewah..

Don’t you love it when you have friends visiting you?
Isk2..mcm sa tulis cerita utk pendidikan moral ja. Simple..ni.
But..this is how i feel. Sincerely. Tak perlu la ayat berbunga2 or perkataan power2..kn?

Enjoy your weekend people.. :)


Beaty John said...

wah ada pigi lawat c bb Neve...erm siok tu kan ada mau p melawat2 ni..

cutte juga ur kawan punya anak NC..dia p kiss2 c Neve ka? Wah very sweet of him NC..

pesonabutiza said...

Melawat sesama teman mengeratkan lagi silaturahim..ngam la mcm dlm pendidikan moral juga :)

nancypeter said...

betul tu :) sb kdg2 dunia online ni bikin kita lupa realiti sebenar kn..hehe..aiseh..

nancypeter said...

sa pun lama sda tak melawat kawan2 yg face to face o..asyik fesbook sja..
hehe..ya kiut kn.. :) inda sabar sda dia ada adik tu

Kay Masingan said...

oi apa kamu cerita2 pasal sia ni? bah kasi tau cepat2..hehe
bila lah sa buli jumpa si neve ni...

nancypeter said...

hehe..ada la tu.. kalu mau tau.. bah jn lupa jumpa2 nanti a.. :)

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