02 August 2011


Have i shared the news yet?
I think it's time.
Though some of you know about it.


The delivery hormone is kicking quite hard nowadays.
I just hope i can make it on time to the delivery room.
thank you for all friends who have shared their experiences on labour and the symptoms.
Hmm...though..it might not be the same..at least i am well informed and ready?
Fingers crossed.

So yeah..it's a girl.
It's not the gender that is important actually..and i'm sure you agree.
It's the health of the babe.

Remember me in your prayers my friends..hehe
Cos the countdown says i have 3 more days?
God bless.

The same goes to all my pregnant blogger friends..Stella Claire, Annieming, Sheena.. :)
You have my prayers.



Joanne Juend said...

God Bless :)

Just said...

makin nervous oo.. pray for your safe delivery of your baby girl nc.. :)

Mell_f said...

Take care Nc and safe delivery :)

Sheena said...

Take care NC!!!will be praying for you for a fast delivery:))GBU!

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Baru sya tau baby girl pula.. take aa nc..
Prayer goes for you and the baby.. Safe delivery soon..:)

Anonymous said...

take care ms.nc :)God bless you and your family.

CathJ said...

Take care... and congrats for the princess.... (soo envy oh me.. hihihi)...

chegu carol said...

Hope u have a smooth sailing delivery nc! Take care ^_^

Isabel said...

Hi Nc! Just found your blog thru Stella's. Hope you have a smooth & safe delivery ya! God bless!:)

beaty said...

take care NC..ko buli tu..bh time2 ko nervous kan..sa mau tanya kunun..apa la nama bb girl ko??

everything will be fine NC..take care ya

Santafire said...

Smooth delivery to you :)

nc said...

BiG thnk u to alllllllllll blogger friends.. :) luv u all :)

will update soon..i hope on mumy n baby..hehe

CathJ: bulih lagi tu..

Beaty: nanti sa kc tau a.. hehe

Armstrong said...

Wa wa wa... congrats NC. About 3 more days ka? Ba all the best and may God bless you okay?

Again, big congrats. We're waiting for the good news.

zoi said...

wah..bby girl ka pula..sia pun br tau ni Nc..semoga semua berjalan lancar time delivery a..

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Wow! the baby gurl is coming! Happy for you Nc. Take care ya.

Nanti segala-galanya ok, kita gather-gathering lagi ah *together-gether berjumpa hehe*

nc said...

o terima kasih...akan di update nanti smua ceritera a.. :)

alalala..siou..sa telupa taruh nama ko n si mia o dlm itu list kawan2 pregnant..mati2 sa fikir2 kemarin sepa lagi sa lupa..hehe. ba, same to you.. nanti kasi khabar ko punya berita gembira juga :)

hehe..tyhnk u..hope can be a hot mama like u nanti :)
bah, kita kasi on juga itu gatering2 ba kn..;)

kay masingan said...

ba nanti suda lahir...kasi tingu sia ah...:)

CathJ said...

best nya tingu org bershopping2 ni..hihihi... nanti 1 fine day mau visit the online shop.. ^_^

take care..

err... belum lagi??? hihihii...excited bah.. hihihi

lydia1212 said...

wow... she's a girl... envy ni tapi x apa la, yg penting mamy n baby sihat :)

God bless...

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Nah, boleh sudah kau beli semua tu cute cute dress nanti hehe.

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