03 August 2011

One Baby World

Just in time.
The last parcel i've been waiting for before my expected due date is finally here.
hehe..now i have everything ready.
And, i'd like to share with you this one online shopping galore for mummy n baby that you can trust!

Make way for..
yep..that's the one.
There are soo many online shops out there..but i remember a blogger friend recommended me this site..and for it being featured a lot in the Pa Ma magazine.
Thank u Rahma of Pearl Stud Earring.
I have never looked back since then.

The greatest advantage of shopping/buying online..esp from OneBabyWorld is..u normally received your parcel the next day after payment is made. Now that's what we called grrrreat service.
Been shopping a few times with the shop.
So far..it has never failed me..but just put me in more amazement.

That's a glimpse of the stuff i bought last minute via OneBabyWorld..
Notice the white canvas bag? It's free.

How do you compare bad service, good service and a great service?
I have forgotten to fully confirmed and 'check out' from my online shopping cart the other day at the OneBabyWorld website..AND have made direct payment to the account.
A bad service company would have just stayed silent and 'telan' all my money paid.
I received a personalised email a few hours later asking me what are the stuff i have ordered and whether i have checked out fully from my shopping cart.
They have received my payment.
But did not received my order.
(hehe..telampau excited be shopping2 smpai lupa confirme order n check out bah)

And so i re confirmed my order and clicked the 'checked out' button on the website again.
Order received.
Payment already made.
Thank goodness.

Later that afternoon i received an sms from the representative of the company, saying that one of the stuff i have bought was suddenly out of stock and asked me if i could wait until tomorrow?
No rush. Why not. Since they have informed me.

Nevertheless i received a phone call from the company the next morning..apologizing for the lateness of delivery and informing me the stuff i wanted was really not in yet. BUT, it will be replaced with the another set that they will carefully choose for me. hmmm...

What was it actually?
Just this morning.
A set of 4 baby rompers and 6 pair of socks worth RM36.90.
And i am one happy customer..though it's not the set of colours that i have initially chosen.

Some of the other things i have bought online via OneBabyWorld.com..
which..i don't really know where to get one here..and actually sa malas n nda berupaya sda mau jalan2 cari smua ni benda2.

A 3 piece reusable ice pack.
uish...bnyk guna nya ni.

and...i just fell in love with this one, the moment i see it.
A cooler tote bag worth RM15.

So..what are you waiting for?
If you like shopping online..for mummies and babies stuff..
Start now with OneBabyWorld.

Banyak2 online shop..i like this one the best.
Cheaper  + quality service!


Angel said...

Ee sa suka tengok tu rompers and socks yang disusun dengan kemas dan comel! :)

Can't wait to read the baby delivery story :)

StellaClaire-Richard said...

wow...super cute... sya mau try shop sana juga la nc.. thanks for sharing this..murah2 lg tu harga dia...:)

a-Me said...

msti gumbira kan trima parcel.. hihi.. sa suka tgok tu baby romper.. cute.. Anyway.. xda lama lgi due ko. So sa tgu2 ni story psal baby pla.. hihi.. :) God Bless U & Baby.. :)

Joanne Juend said...

mcm sy pula yang rasa mo cepat2 join the mummies world tau.. hehe..

God bless :)

beaty said...

cumil ni nc..wah sempat juga ko pigi snap2 sedangkan tinggal beberapa hari lagi due ko kan..take care ya

Just said...

waa... siok nya shopping online kan... :)

nc said...

:) sa pun sukaaaa betul ni.. esp itu socks dia yg kici2..hehe

iya, ngam laitu..sb memang murah2 n slu diskaun berbanding online shop yg lain :) n great service:)

sgt gembira. sa tkut sda tidak sempat terima sblm due..sb lmbt sa konfirm order..hahaha

bah,, jom kama..ramai2 kita :)

hehe..ambi gmbr kutak sblm dan selepas di buka kunun tu..

ya ba,, memang siok kn.. tpi mo kontrol2 juga la.. sb inda rasa tu $$ keluar kn..hehehe

Sheena said...

waaa NC, sudah sia p check out items lepas sia baca ko punya post.lol!

Armstrong said...

Wa siok o, shopping online for the little one ;)

Hmm I dunno la kan, but seems cheap rite.

kay masingan said...

best o...si baby dapat stuffs dari online..dulu2 kita pakai baju kakak saja kan...hhhehe

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Cute tu bag.

Aemy Shamy said...

Hello Nancy dear, I heard that you've safely delivered your baby..congrats to you!! ^^

Armstrong said...

Hey hey congrats NC! ;)

amesheeba said...

Thanks for sharing about this :)...pnya murah brg2 dia....trus sa pn excited ba mau pili2 brg yg patut ngehehehe

Rahma said...

u r most welcome! wah!!! rindu mo shopping for baby :) sure it's a great experience kan! hope u enjoy being a mom nnt. lota of love :)

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