24 June 2011

The Face

I thought i'm not in the mood of blogging anymore..
but, if it's in your blood..:) and in a good mode of sharing..why not.
Yep, just a short one.

Here's sharing with you the latest ultra sound pic of little babe.
Can you see the face..hehe..
..and the two little hands covering it?


My first expression when looking at the picture was..
" My God..that's me. Really looked like me while sleeping. "
atukkkoi...my family agreed.
By the way..the picture was when babe was 31 week old.

Now..babe in the tummy at 8 months..is something like this..

basar nya...kah. memang la ba.

Sharing with you another info about nc..is that..i'm thalassemia carrier. 
I've heard about the illness before..but never really care to know about it, until i know i'm a carrier my self.
What is it?
You lack red blood cells in your system.
And you know how important the red blood cells are to your body, especially when there's a little one sharing with you the oxygen that the cells are carrying throughout you.
Google it more..you will understand :)

So , i'm trying my best now, to gather tips and advice from  mommies  alike who have been in the situation.
What's best to do..after delivery..and a lot more.

Do you know of any?
Care to share?
Just drop a comment ya..i really appreciate it.
and..no..please don't pity me.

It's just a medical condition that needs to be paid attention differently, specifically.


Share a..kalau ada apa2 yg kamu penah dgr o tau.


Just said...

hi nc. i wish u cud share bout the thalassemia.. tp teda pula coz mcm besa la.. slagi nda tekena mmg nda mau ambil peduli ni.. huhuuh... hope u n baby will be fine until the 'moment'.. take care ya..

dfordimple said...

hi nc. i also a thalassemia carrier n i've delivered my son 4 months ago. i'd love to share my experience with u. i've been diagnosed with that disease 2 years ago (a year b4 get married) n it never cause me any trouble.only as typical thalassemia patient would suffer anemia, me also included. during pregnancy, i've been transfused with 8 pain of blood due to the very low level of Hb. n after delivered, 1 more pain of blood.i never really had major trouble like faint, tired or any anemic symptom, but doctor would want to 'add' my blood cause concerning of d baby. but despite all that, me n baby were n are just fine..really. as thalassemia carrier, u just hv to watch/checked on ur Hb level regularly..eat more food that help in boosting d production of Hb such as sayur bayam, chicken liver, drink chicken soup (or any soupy food would do), chicken essence (pati ayam Brand tu ba) n must get enough rest n sleep. STRICTLY avoid caffeine n carbonated drinks. as for me, i've found one pil that helped me alot to higher my Hb level..try find Sangobion pil at pharmacy (Guardian etc).it really helps a lot..oh, n i also was told by my nurse cousin that i should avoid taking strong herbs (makan jamu2 bpantang tu ba), coz it also contribute to lower d Hb level. during confinement i dont take any herbs..just minum pati haruan, n use herb externally (pakai sapu2 d badan ja, x makan). anyhow, u must always consult n seek advice from ur doctor first okay.

Verone said...

Hi nc,
you look wonderful in your late stage of pregnancy :) Keep being cheerful and everything will be allright...

beaty said...

Hye nc..wah ur baby 8 months already? u look gorgeous with ur belly.

Bh sa x tau pula pasal thalessemia. sa ingat kalau carrier tiada masalah time preg. ada masalah juga ka pula?

hrap2 semua going o be okey ya..God Bless

CathJ said...

Oh Now I understand.. But have no experience or idea on that.. I hope you find source that can help you..

Take care ya..

CathJ said...

But 1 thing I remember... rajin2 makan sayur bayam.. ^_^... terbaca comment di atas.. nah betul juga she also mention bayam.. all the best ya..

chegu carol said...

Saya belum cun mau tingu tu baby scan photo owh...i culdnt point which is face or which is the finger...aduii bah hehehe

take care nc!

AnnieMing said...

Ya Nancy, saya pun inda begitu pandai juga tingu scan photo.. Mana gia dia punya muka? :-D Excited ni mau tingu..

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

adeihh nc, sampai kita bersalin la ni kita tidak berjumpa o kan..mau bertingu-tingu perut..hehe..tapi sejak sy pigi sebelah sepanggar ni kan, malas betul sy pg sebelah kk. kecuali pulang rumah mentua..ba, hati2 ja ko a.memang betul la tu, pemakanan yg kena jaga..tu nurse ada lg bgtau sy kan, mau tambah hb ni, makan bayam, sawi dan kangkung sama tu peria. nasib la sy suka makan juga tu sayur semua..satu ikat tu sy boleh kasi habis saturang o. haha..skrg sia kena g klinik 2 minggu sekali o. padahal, baru 6 bulan, pasal hb juga la. degil betul mau naik. tpaksa makan tu iron tablet tu 4 biji satu hr.

nc said...

its okay :) don't worry will be fine..i hope hehe

thnks for the advice. yep, its true, we must always consult the doctor kn. ur advice is very useful..thnks again ya :)

thnks Verone :)

slu nya tiada masalah juga ba klu carrier sja.. tpi kalu itu HB susah mau naik..itu yg susah. :)

its ok bah.. bnyk sda tip2 ko bagi tu.. thnks a..nti sa tnya lagi ni :)

Chegu Carol n Annieming:
Muka dia ampir2 kana tutup oleh tangan dia.. :) memang susah mau cam mula2.. tpi kalu tingu dari jauh..aiseh..bleh nmpk itu. kena tgk dari certain perspeektif. klu inda..hitam putih kita nmpk. hehe..

nda pa ba, nanti2 pun bleh jumpa juga. sa di sini2 juga ni. ko pun take care juga a :)

Armstrong said...

Awww ultrasound picture of baby... always the best first pic.

I don't know much about it. But I think we all know that it's hereditary so I just wish you all the best. Sincerely ;)

Gosh, I can't imagine having my own baby when the time comes. If it's a girl, I'm sure she'll turn out pretty. If it's a boy, I'm sure he's gonna be a handsome one wakaaka. I hope yours too :D

Mia said...

Halo Nc....macam inda jadi kita punya perancangan mo berjumpa ni kan...sya punya perut pun mo besar suda, masuk 5 bulan suda....sya punya HB itu hari pun ngam2 di paras minima suda...inda taulah nanti 2 minggu akan datang mo pegi klinik lagi ni....ko ok jugakah kalau berjalan, klu dulu sya macam burung penguin saja berjalan...hehehe........ko punya gambar scan tu nda nampak ooo atau sya yang terpaksa mo tambah satu mata lagi ni......

lydia1212 said...

nc.. sama kita punya EDD kan hehe...

StellaClaire-Richard said...

waa Nc... nda lama lg kan... baru sya nmpk gmbr ko pregnant. jarang ko kasi post kan..:)

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