16 May 2011

i Am a Teacher..

I am surrounded by teachers.. :)
..and i guess i am one.

Remember the first time you met your first teacher? 
Became a teacher's pet/favourite? 
Fell in 'love' with thaatttt teacher? 
Made a teacher cried..
Made a teacher laughed and smiled..
Be proud of you?
whoaa...banyak o kn.. pengalaman dengan cigu2..dari time keci2 lagi :)
and it made me smile.. every time thinking about it.
aha..ni la gmbr time sekolah rendah..a picture with one of the teachers.
i'm sure u can guessed which one is me. hehe..
i was a full bodied tomboy..nyehehehe..but with a cheeky girl attitude.

..then i grew up.. and became a teacher? hahaa..pula kn.
Never had i kept any one ambition in my list to become an educator. But..here i am.
Being surrounded by the young adults reminds me of how innocent i was when during my own teenage years.
So, i guess being a teacher to these young people was a respected job and a goooooood deed  for the future generations - lah..kunun sa pikir.
Mana tau boleh tukar bidang kerja len kali kah.. :)

Year after year passed.. and they graduated.
My job..became my profession.
I realized i was 'married' to my profession.
And i AM married to a teacher..anyway... :)

There was a time new challenges came around in my teaching profession.. 
I became a trainer for a few months..teaching not young adults/teenagers this time..
but the matured and respected, young executives and managers-to be.
I was glad i did well..if not..i wouldn't be in the picture above..celebrating the end of their course with Tigers in their hands. hehehe..mama2 n bapa2 org sda ba ni.. jadi.. boleh minum sda kn..
The unforgettable Sutera Habour staff/my murid2..in 2009 @ Nuluhon Garden.

What happen next?
The journey continues.. :)
Cukup la sharing utk ari ni..
Let's just wait and see..how everything will turn out.

Meanwhile..i'd like to wish a happy happy teacher's day to all my friends in the picture above.
Among the five.. four are teachers in various institutions :)
We've been course mates..room mates.. n friends.
Happy Teacher's Day smuaa.... :)


AnnieMing said...

Happy Teacher'S Day to you Nancy!

Dianbizzcorner@gmail.com H/P: 019-3013703 said...

Hi Nc,

Happy Teachers day..:-)

Santafire said...

Happy Teachers Day, nc!

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Sa rasakan, tu cikgu-cikgu sa lebih kuat ingatan dorang sama sa drp sa tau tu...well, jajal and good student at the sama time bah *kunun*


Bah, Hepi Cigu Day!

nc said...

Thank u smua.. (^_^) happu teacher's day to u oso :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

ada before n after ni...hehe...happy teacher's day!

StellaClaire-Richard said...

Selamat Hari Guru Nancy......:)

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Happy teacher's day :).

Kay Masingan said...

wah best o....ya happy teacher's day nc..

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