This, made my day today.
A certificate of appreciation for being part of the Borneo Bloggers Award
which was organized by Borneo Colours, just last October.
Have been waiting for the mail man to hand me this actually.heheh

Thank you Borneo Colours for organizing a great event for the bloggers in Borneo
and Thank You to Daniel Doughty for giving us the appreciation. 
Now i have another memorabilia to 'show off' (pinjam ayat si Wyne dlu hehe), courtesy of Borneo Colours.
uiks..mahal ba ni tandatangan ni .. :)
Though the certificate arrived a little bit crumpled in the mail..(odoi gia..) it is still priceless.

By the way..have you read the Finalists Special Interview in Borneo Colours?
All finalists were asked a few questions regarding the blog scene and what we think about it.
I've done mine. We were all given a different sets of questions. 
Well...there's this ONE question..
that i would like to share with you..and to hear your response as well.
Not towards my answer though..but your opinion. :)
Come on..let's put our heads together and we might share valuable thoughts here.
Here's the question:

Describe to us in your own words, what is the main problem when starting a new blog.
A new blog is very easy to create. You only have to register and..sometimes..that is iT, for some people. They do not know what to write. Finding materials to write about would be one of the challenge of a new blog. But then, if a blogger realized his/her purpose starting the blog..everything will fall into places.
(my answer)

nc says: bah,, kamu lagi jawab a :) kalau mau baca yg lain2 click SINI


Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Nc, ya bah..mahal tu tandatangan tu tau *wink wink*
Credits to Daniel Doughty!!

chegu carol said...

it wasnt hard for me to start my blog. i was on 6 mths leave and all i want to share about (that time) was about my 'sickness'...maybe yg susah was the part mau cari which platform mau pakai i.e. blogspot, wordpress, friendster, multiple.
i started mine from before i leaped into the dot com bandwagon one year later. :)

nc said...

itu laitu.. :) bah, next time kamu lagi ikut a, sa vote :)

Chegu Carol:
thnks for ur answer chegu :) its true, there are so many platform that people can choose from kn.. :) but for me , i think i will stick to blogpsot for a while hehe :)

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

hmm..masih lg sia ingat dulu. Bila sia nampak ko and mr val punya blog, sy curious betul..mcm betul2 interesting. So, sy pun survey2 mcm mana mau start tu? akhirnya sy berjaya juga buka blog yg sekarang. yg sy rasa susah mula2 , mau cari nama blog sy, pas tu mcm mana mo tambah mcm2. skrg boleh la sikit2. Walau pun simple2 seja. hihi...
thinking mau tukar nama blog pula..

Angel said...

Like Carol, I don't think I have major problems when I started blogging. Probably because I wanted to do it. However, one problem that I constantly face is writers block. I need the right mood to write/blog/narrate. If I don't feel like doing it but I do it anyway, my sentences would not come out right. They'll sound lame and boring and I don't like that. I want to have a good time writing/blogging/narrating and I want the readers to have a good time reading too. So yeah. Starting it is not a big deal to me but keeping it up is one thing to me :)

Thanks for the question Nc. You got me thinking :)

Good day, Nc :)

dreamChaser said...

sa pun dlu, main cuba2 sja ba. lama2 tersangkut betul2 pla ni bloging :) until today. bah, lets keep up the great work :)

Writers block. yap. i face that too. n mcm yg ko ckp kn, kdg2 bila kita 'paksa' diri kita utk tulis.. sb kdg2 lama inda update kn.. trus nda berapa menjadi that entry kn :)
thnks for ur opinion Angel :)

eugene said...

Tahniah diucapkan,,, happy for you.. now i want to extend my support to you in the way of adding you to my blog list so that i can come around and leave a comment or two whenever you have updated your blog ya..

nc said...

thnks for the comment n support ya :)
im loving it :)

Sheena said...

Congrats Nancy!!!!!
Happy XMas in advanced!!!Lama sudah tia masuk blog..:))

CathJ said...

ya.. mine pun crumple juga... -_-

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Congrats :).

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