29 November 2010

The Perfect Christmas Gift

I have announced it in my other blog..
and i am going to put more juicy details here.
But first..allow me to state that..it is not a shop that is mine.
Rather..thanks to this unique concept store, a lot of people can display and rent spaces to promote their work.
hehe..bagus bah..kn?
And so..the name of the shop that i managed to get hold a little space is..the Dream House.
It's located at the Megalong shopping mall, Donggongon.
A place that one should visit.
It's the longest mall in Sabah.

If you are searching for the perfect Christmas gift this year..
why not have a look of what iHaveADream Creations has to offer.
hehe..it's from the heart.

Merry Christmas everyone..
Let's decorate our hearts with joy of the Lord and share the Christmas love with everyone.

nc says:
ramai yg salah phm sa buka kadai ni..hehe..tak pa, sb memng ni kedai konsep dia berlainan. 
Cuba gia kamu pgi sana.. mesti kamu paham.
Sa pun baru paham lepas sa TER jumpa ni kedai..n BANG!! this is the place that i want to start/continue my creative passion.


Del Glamiva said...

Bagus oh Dream House. Offer peluang utk kita utk promote apa2 di kedai dia. =)

chegu carol said...

oh buka sudah tu kedai. last time i went, masi kusung lagi...bah, nanti sa cari masa pi jalan2 sana
good job nc!

nc said...

Del Glamiva:
ya, sa pun suka konsep tu kedai :)

Chegu Carol:
yep, masih baru juga la sikit itu kedai. oraits..jn lupa shubuk2 sa punya corner a hehe

SJB AKA SUE J-B. said...

Apa bah alamat tu Dream house?. Nanti saya suruh my sister pigi tengok tengok :).

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