07 July 2010

KNiGHT and (what )DAY?

Meet, Tom Cruise.

..and Ms. Diaz.
Cameron Diaz.

Put them together on a bike in the middle of the bull run festival in Spain..

and you've got..



Not a TomCruise fan?
Don't fret..
The movie is quite exhilarating that you forgot it IS the Cruise man him self in the movie.

Watched it last weekend at MegaLong Cineplex
(first time nih..p sana haha)
The cinema was great..its just that we had to walk from one end (of the shopping mall) to the other.


Back to the movie:
Car chasing + CRUISE action + romance + FBI = and i still have no idea behind the word DAY in the movie.

Its okay..cos..kena belanja tgk wyang kn..
hehe..Okai, seriously.
I've learnt something from the movie
(cewah..mcm moral lesson kunun)
and that's

You don't have to wait for SOMEDAY to happen and make you happy..
That SOMEDAY could be today..if you want it to be.

(remember when we always say..SOMEDAY..bila sa jadi kaya..bila sa ada masa..mau round the world tingu bulan dan bintang..bla3..)

hahaha..nevermind..watch the movie ladies and gentlemen..
you'll be entertained.
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nc says: the ordering of drinks at the Megalong food court is irritating. Agree? No?
hehe..will tell you why after this.


♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

Sa mau tingu wayang! But this type of movie is not my laukung's type bah.. Huhu..

Believe it or not, I haven't step my feet yet at Megalong. Hahaha.. Nama ja tinggal di area Penampang..

chegu carol said...

Oh yes, this definitely a good watch if you need that laughter-the-best-medicine moment. We enjoyed it very much.

nc said...

Annieming: ya bah kn.. slu nya lelaki nda berapa kalau wayang2 gini.. hehe..tpi ok juga ba..bnyk action part dia. :)

megalong..mimang panjang. bikin panat jalan.

chegu carol: yep, i agree. fortunately my hubbi agree oso hehe :) memang funny..im not a cruise fan..but i think he's great. :)

Alv0808 said...

Watched it on first day at cinema. Im a moviegoer..bet with it..hehehe. One of my fav to chill out is..movie. Oh ya..Day id for Diaz..Knight is for Cruise. Go and check the Diaz character name..hehehe

SJB said...

Macam best saja ni movie. Terpaksa tunggu DVD keluar dulu baru boleh tengok hehehe.

wawan said...

tak tengok lagi
tak tau bila nak p tengok
entah sempat ke tak niiiiii


Kris and Nadia said...

Uik, baru sya tnmpk ni post ko :) yeah :) bsuk hubby sya balik, mau pg tinguk wyg ni saaana megalong :) yeahiiii :)

nc said...

Alv0808: ooo...gitu pla kn.. i know Knight is cruise name kunun..hehe..but i didnt know about Day..hehe..bah..thnks for the info ya.. o ya kn..buenos diaz? good day? :)

SJB: best ni..nda penah2 la minat tgk movie tom cruise..tpi..boleh tahan bah dia kn..cewah..

Wawan: sempat tu.. :) or u can catch it in DVD copies nanti

nadia: ya,, enjoyable movie. bah, kalau kamu p megalong..pasti kn park kerita dekat2 tu cinema..kalu nda..bejalan kaki jauh ni..(^_^)

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