05 May 2010

The Butterfly Effect

cantik kn..
just want to share with u my oh-so-happiness..after receiving the Butterfly Effect
from ABC Craft today.

I bought a pair of course..
will be using them to decor2 our new home nanti..cewah..
ok bah kn,, gantung2 di tempat yg sesuai.. :)

Thank u Angel, for the Butterfly Effect.

Even though i did not win in the giveaway contest, im glad i bought these in the first place

kiut kn?

nc says: kalau bulih terbang this butterfly..lagi canggih hehe


ABC said...

Thank you Nancy! I'm glad you like it :)

Santafire said...


SJB said...

Ya bah cute. Rugi oh saya tidak ikut tu contest tu hari. Saya mahu check tu blog dia mana tahu ada yang tersangkut di hati heheh.

Stella O.K. said...

wahhh..ini pula good news tu kan..:)

nc said...

ABC: yeshhh,,, i really like it :)

Santafire: canggih n cute o

SJB: actually i bought this pair. fell in love with it the minute i saw it bah..hehe

Stella: hehe..in a way..yesh.. this is one of the good news :)

Kris and Nadia said...

Wah... kiut oo, mana la ko taruk tu nc :) hihi..

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