27 April 2010

Blogger Friends For Real

First of all..hehe
CONGRATSSSSSS to the newly wed Kris n Nadia on their wedding (^_^)
Welcome to the club..
Had great time during their wedding day..
and another opportunity to meet
my blogger friends - again!
All dressed up glowing..
(tpi the bride of the day masih numbur satu la, hehe)

I feel really lucky to know all these people..for reaL!
Who they are..?
Well,,, the picture says it all :)

hope the will be more future gathering with these awesome bloggers :)
do you recognize the familiar faces? hehe

What do we have in common..?
*emmm..animal lover for sure.
*photography photography!!
*we all got married in the same year.. hehe..some, same date.
(except yg baru kawin ni la ehem2)
*Jobwise..we teach people how to be good, and bad..in the coolest way. cewah..(ni tmbh sndri ni)

And the fun part is,, i get to convince my other half to join me with the rest of them haha
was so glad the hubbiesssss was great with one another

nc says: congrats once again to nadia n kriss on your beautiful wedding. bah, jn lupa join kami nanti a..


SJB said...

Wah..best oh dapat pigi kawin si Nadia. Cantik juga dress dia kan. Memang hebat lah.

chegu carol said...

too bad i couldnt make it that day.
if not, buli juga jumpa ko tu :)

Kris and Nadia said...

:) Thank NC :) Yeah, so glad masing2 pun bw ba pasangan masing2, supaya buli share2 the love yg is in the air :) hauhua.. :)

Ya woo carol, i keep asking Alvin about you.. but nvm, kita jumpa d ranau ar :)

Dewi Batrishya said...

Huish.. bestnya ada bloggers' gathering at a wedding! ^^ Sangatt meriah! XD

memeljoan said...

Nah kan, ni lagi ni kasi jeles sa...huhuhuh...bah, capatlah kita buat gathering lg balik, ekekekek!

nc said...

SJB:memang best wedding dorang ni :) n the wedding gown.. wow..heheh

chegu Carol: yep, i was hoping too meet u as well..hehe..

Nadia: hehe..nasib ada kawan sa pgi wedding ko ni.. n best pla bila smua bekumpul dgn hubby masing2 ni haha

memel: bah,, capat ko..haha

Mell_f said...

Nice knowing u Nc,and ur hubby jg. what a small world kan :D

rahma said...

yeayyy!!! another blog entry on Nadia's wedding :)

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