02 October 2009

Baadddd kittyy,,

..i was 'spring cleaning' my hard drive when i found this:

..quite sad huh..a very cute cat being put in captivity?
We were on our way to kundasang previously (for the photoshoot in August) when we stopped by at a local residential house that provided a public washroom (hehe..yg men bayar 20sen dlm tabung kecil tu.) i guess the place was just before Pekan Nabalu.

That's when i noticed this very seemingly healthy n quite chubby cat being put in a bamboo-made captivity, just outside the house.

mengiau ngiau tu tingau..dgn kuat ny..trying to get my attention, as i was heading there.hmm..cumil lagi tu. kaki sa mcm ada magnet bejalan laju pgi dkt tu kurungan ( lupa trus ni ada org tggu di kereta haha)

sepa la ba yg inda kesian tingu kucing kena kurung gini kn..huhu

well, according to the owner of the cat (hehe..sempat lagi cerita2 ni)..the cat 'killed' n ate a lot of his chicks..that's why it was locked away - tpi nasib di bawh rumah dorang juga, n kena kasi makan lagi :)

hmm..too bad. i was told that it was a quite common scenario when u have cats n chicks running around freely at home. but i believe if we 'educate' n feed the cat enough, it wouldn't be hunting for chicks kn..(^_^)

nc says: duiii gia..ti tungau..kesian. :( wonder if it is still in the bammboo cage..


Kris and Nadia said...

ooo ya d pekan nabalu tu.. alalala adaka patut tu miaow makan ayam, sya ingat dorg vegetarian.. LOL kidding :) ya kan perlu mo educate dorg baitu kan :)

AngeL BeaR said...

lor...cian the miau2.....susa suda tu mo diajar kalau suda basar...

Claire Cassandra T said...

ee~~ ngiau ngiau~~...misti dia sedih ni inda dapt keluar main...dui gia~~

Dr.Dodon said...

Agree with you

"but i believe if we 'educate' n feed the cat enough, it wouldn't be hunting for chicks kn..(^_^)"

Stella O.K. said...

deii..nakal ba gia kucing..but they're cute!

Stella O.K. said...
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