18 September 2009

The Romantic Bride

(^_^) friday's leisure sharing.

Calling all brides to be,

Ever thought what kind of bride u really are..?

That deep-in-the-heart feeling when planning..and dreaming about ur wedding?

maybe this little quiz link will help u.
cLicK HeRe (a courtesy of brides.com)

..and as for me?
well..hey hey hey..
I knew it..i will always be that hopeless romantic in the love department.

The Romantic Bride:
You've spent a lifetime dreaming of your prince, the castle, the fairy-tale ending. Your closet of frilly confections celebrates your feminine side.
nc says: i've got a confession to make: i was a tomboy since like..i was born? ,, short hair n have never wore a gown or dress- not untill high school. and NOW? haha..

The Scene:
You say "I do" somehere macigal - a castle, or botanical or sculpture gardens.
nc says: macigal..is to dreamy.lets do it the traditional way..but i guess i will be having my own 'garden' for the reception..hehe..with lots of green around - eco friendly bah.

Must-Have Accessory:
nc says: who doesnt? I've found mine. Blh la jadi princess - even if its just for a day. :)

Unique Touch:
Rose petals.
nc says: ya..lots of them..i hope.

more to come..but here's a glimpse of our bridal house photoshoot.
nc says: to err is humane. to love..is oso humane what..heheh..:)


gracie said...

wadusss nc..aku rasa mcm d awang2an tgk pic ko yg terlampau rumintik..ewahh haha..
neway..im so happy for u :-D

nc said...

gracie: haha..jn ko gitu ba..besa2 ja tu sa nmpk. but one of my favourite la,, sa kana suruh tingu rumput.hhehe..neway..thnk u gracie..harp ko dpt dtg nanti a.. :)

Michelle said...

Nc,how come u juz insert ony 1 wedding photo here...Pls add more...So pretty..Nd more...& more...:D

Kris and Nadia said...

uiyoo.. ini yg bikin jeles ni.. sya pun nda sabar oo photoshoot... yiiii nc sioknya.. :) hihi... sya mo ambik lu tu kuiz ar..hihi :) ba happy holiday ar :) enjoy :)

Stella O.K. said...

romantis o........ i like!.. :)

Vienne said...

wooooww....looking at this picture makes me want to take another photoshoot..hohoho

Lala said...

wow!!! romantik,bombastik.....hehehe memang ROMANTIK ba....

nc said...

michelle: hehe..will uplod later..n share2 with u ya :)

nadia: :) ko ni..msti nanti time kamu photoshoot lagi mengancam tu..hehe..jn lupa share2 a..

Stella: thnks stella.. :)

Vienne: ya ya..take another photoshoot..msti best kn..hehe. its the experience thats most memorable :)

Lala: kounsikou Lala.. :)

Gallivanter said...

Looking good! I can't wait for my pre-wedding photoshoot too. Pity I can't have it in KK as I can't bring the costumes over, as each costs a BOMB for deposit!

nc said...

Gallivanter: thnks ya :) ala..why not just sign up with one of the many bridal house here..then u can jalan2 to wer ever u want :) hehe

but..nda pa,, blh buat bnyk2 pre wedding photo shoot ba..it only come around once..kn?

Uncle Lee said...

Hello NC, dreams are free, so free your dreams...very often dreams do come true.
You have a great weekend, Lee.

Zoi said...

ya..setuju dgn tan..want more..hehee..cute o ini pict nc..ko nampak malu2 tingu rumput..hehe

Mia said...

pura2 kono si nanc tu tengo rumput....malu2 kunun......padahal mahu...hehe

nc said...

Uncle Lee: so nice of u to drop by :),, ya..sometimes,dreams do come true kn. n when it does, we better make sure we're not asleep. :)

uzoi: hehe..mo lagi? ba,, nanti1 la sa uplod..mo kc saprise ba kunun.cewah2

Mia: hahaha..ko ni a..mcmna ba ko tau ni..(^_^). sbenar nya..aku di suruh tgk rumput tu..smbil menahan sinar matahari huahuahua

Walker said...

You are the bride you want to be in your heart and as beautiful as in the picture above

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

what a luvly pic you have here.. mana ni?

nc said...

walker: thanks walker :)

Annieming: sa...na tg aru :)

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