31 August 2009

Happy 2 know..

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Happy 2 know..that,

...u reminded me hundreds of time, growing old is part of human life.. (urang lagi kah tu kalu nda pndai tuaa?)
...we're both going to have lots of sun spots in the future, and u dont mind.
...u accept all my silly behaviours though it makes ur head spin sometimes.
...though ur never good with presents, u make it up with intangible moments.
...u realized i prefer tangible gifts on my birthdays; be it a pen or pencil..hehe
...though we'll be in a lot of stress the coming months, we'll see it through.
...u know i love red roses.
...u know that i know that we know what we should know..haha
...u always keep my feet on the ground and not have perfect expectations.
...u think we'll make great mum n dad..wow :)
...u would still jog with me though u've just finished a tiring day chores. (sebab lepas tu sa bja makan..hahah)
...though ur lense-shy (haha), u still create those moments for our photoshoot.
...u are my personal counselor, guru, and master in life.
...u wud drive anywhere with me, for me (sampai sasat di bandar2 sndakan ni huhu)
...u dont mind me blogging about the world and everything else.
...ur happy when im happy.
...u know what makes me happy.
..its OK if we're unable to celebrate birthdays on the day itself.
...we're both looking forward to many more coming trips together.yeshhh!!hehe
...u just called.
...it's OK not to be perfect.
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Today..nc wants to sing: kalau rasa gumbira tupuk tangannn..(^_^), n cubit urang sebelah.haha

..n says: thank u J. ramai org slu kawin2 time bday kita kn? haha..sb tu slu belated celebration.kikikik


C.Alv.B said...

Glad to know you happy..

Kay said...

amboi..punya berbunga-bunga hati si nc...

Stella O.K. said...

Nice..happy..It's a good thing..:)

nc said...

Alv: thanks Alv..

Cath: ko ni cigu..bukan slu bebunga2 ni..kalu time bebunga..layan la kn,,hahaha :)

Stella: a very good thing indeed to be happy kn :)

Pammie said...

wah sioknya mo baca ni post ko nc..

Pammie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nc said...

Pamm: siok ka..freedom of expression ba kn.. thats why blogging is great :)

Zoi said...

wah..si nc..keep happy aa..mesti berseri2 kalau kahwin nanti..

nc said...

Zoi: ya, thanks..i hope so. sb sa tak berapa suka tgk muka sa di gmbr dari bridal house.. too FAKE! ,nda payah la kamu tingu a.. huhuhuhu..apa kah rahsia kejelitaan mu..hahaha

Jess said...

I feel happy too after reading your write up

thank you

From Jess

nc said...

Jess: thnks for dropping by ya Jess.
im happier..when u ladies are also happy reading this little post :)

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