28 November 2008

My First n Last

After a round of tense, unexpected complications and changes..the wedding of the year of the Baga family finally took place at St Cathrine, Inanam last Monday. I was the bridesmaid - haha. My first n absolutely last as any maid of honour..hehe..anyway,,thank you for the experience, Esther (she's my fiance's cousin).

It was great..everybody was in a wedding mood,,despite some unexpected changes of the whole wedding plan..that could not be avoided. But then, i guess it was a blessing in disguise..as everything turn out to be even better and unique!
The bride was actually required to wear a kadazan costume for the church wedding ceremony and the big entourage that should accompany the bride was given a red light.Hmm..
Whats up...??

After another round of pujuk-ing the priest in charge,,hehe..white gown it is..but with a twist of the traditional touch - hence, the sarong that symbolizes the KDM culture. cantik ba juga kn..:)
As the bride's maid of honour i did not get much opportunity to snap a lot of pictures of the whole ceremony..,, and most of the picture are blurred,eeeee..geram ny..

but, here goes..congrats once again to the perfect couple.

The cute little flower girl - pandai posing o..tau

Esther & Charles exchanging wedding vows,,watched by the ring boy. ala, siou a ring boy,, inda cukup wide tu angle camera mau ambil smua org..i was sitting in the front row (pengapit kn..control..huhu) - tepaksa kurang begerak,kunun.tpi sempat juga la ambi gmbr hehe

The last minute Kadazan ladies (all cousins of the bride).

Miss Biki n Abigail..all dress up and ready for the occasion - FYI..nobody planned to wear any traditional costume that day. But then,, as u can see..its simply fabulous.

The bridegroom best man.
I like this pic. but too bad,, its really blurred. i did my best to save it haha.
well..we were the target of 'jokes' all uncles n aunties n cousins there as being the next in line.
Ok ba,,sabar kamurang.. hahaha

i think i found my wedding photographer..turn out he's the cousin of my fiance's aunt. U see,, bjasa juga sia sama ko kn..haha..

Yep.the bride's wedding flower/bouquet ka? was literally GIVEN (by hand) to me.
macam pass2 baton pla hahaha..
kena lagi..


Beck the BandagedKnees said...

;) so... bila kmurg ni nancy!? haha! ^_^ nice wedding. ;) more cakes.. eh..? xD

nc said...

kamiurang,,hehe..next year la, kalau murah rezeki,,n all u guys are on my list sda ni,,bloggers club..hehehe..blh ba kn,, ;)

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