12 August 2008

The Tip of Borneo

and..another week before that.. :)
19 July 2008 – 20 July 2008

Yep. Tip of Borneo..sorry..u have to see my face for the 5th time. But ur just TOOOO beautiful to be admired.
Was down and out in Kudat 3 weeks ago, in awe with the magnificent Simpang Mengayau,,drenching a few drops of honey (and its wax), and buying myself a symbol of my Little Life’s Pleasure – a mini gong (key chain) from the Sumangkap village.

Trip number five was a bit different from the rest of the trips that I’ve made before to the Tip. We stayed there until sunset and sing ourselves crazy at the oh – so – pretty beach. The fellas truly enjoy the moment – u can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices. I was glad I made this trip with them.

We decided to have a go at the longhouse.
Hmm..I never stayed in a long house before..
Its great!haha.. and felt so peaceful when sleeping in my kelambu. I would recommend you to stay for a night or two at the Bavanggazo Rungus Longhouse and experience the traditional food, dances, crafts..and hospitality of the people. 5 stars? No stars can match this place – so original yet comfortable.

O ya..at the Gombizau Honey Bee Farm..no..i was not stung by a bee.. – we get to see bees in action (making honey la..), and taste the original (sucking the honey from the wax).
Sweet, lovely,, although a bit guilty of taking honey now – watch the BEE MOVIE please people.

Last stop was at the Sumangkap Gong Making village.
Nope, there were no people playing gongs to welcome us – but there were a lot of gongs in the making (^_^)
I wish the place was more organized rather than simply a competition of who can sell the most gongs.. L sad,, but true.
It’s a very beautiful village with a great strength. But not really well – taken care of, I would say. Nevertheless, the trip was still fulfilling.
Would I still go to Kudat or the Tipof Borneo?
Of course! (^_^)
The Tip of Borneo - 5pm


mother nature's gift

see,, even a doggy knows how to appreciate mother nature

sunset view at the beach of the simpang mengayau

i luv this place!!

macam ada special effect ja kn,,hehe - teda ye

i took this pic with my handphone


a new attraction at the tip of borneo - a homestay - a must try!!

will be there soon! hehe

one of the chalet for the homestay

trying to 'catch' th sunset


my little life's pleasure

colourful crafts sold at the long house

breakfast is served - a touch of modern comfort & traditional setting :)

inside the long house

the cutest child in Bavanggazo


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