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Moroli river? Mana ba ni..
Hmmm..all the fishes in the sea n river..jan jeles..fishes here in Moroli are taken care of extra special..because they can do something that all the fishes in the world were not taught – MASSAGE.

partnerss in crime - singgah sebenterr di Pekan Nabalu (bili tshirt glo in the dark Kinabalu lagi kunun) - trus pakai a,,

well, another weekend, Another discovery.
Welcome to Moroli river..kg Luanti Baru, saaaaaaa…na Ranau.Taken care by our local people, this place is a a real gem to the blooming tourism industry in Ranau.Using the tagal system, the fishes are pampered.. because..they are the stars, the hero of Moroli.Ba, mana ba ni tempat ni..? sa….na sebelah Sabah Tea Garden saja. 200 meters away from Sabah Tea and you can already see the village signboard and a very friendly stream below.You should see for yourself how the ever understanding tompinai Jeffrin (the owner) guide us to be gently and softly massaged by the fishes. Haiiii..gitu pla perasaan kena kiss2 oleh ikan..hahaha :)
pictures of the kampung style chalets

yep,, this is it - so cool kalau mandi sungai

one of my tourism fella being KissKiss by the friendly fishes

A word of caution for those who never come in close contact with any sorts of fishes before..prepare to be GELI tahap dewa..with the wet kisses of the fishes..huhu (^_*).
I swore to myself that I would not get into the river with the fishes..but it was so tempting to see the fellas enjoying themselves with the fishes..and tompinai Jeffrin ever feeding the fishes.Its just amazing to see the fishes do their ‘work’..but u will feel more amazed and proud of ur self once u drowned urself with the fishes.. – nope don’t try this with other fishes in ur mind ya.., the result might be different. So I end up with eyes – closed and freezed? while ‘sitting down’ in the water – kena massage la kunun – rupanya kena kiss2 ikan..hahaha Well the best part of the whole itinerary was the body rafting session – which was supposed to be a friendly river trekking.
All wet n crazy,, its more exciting than riding the banana boat – n of course a bit risky (kalau kena antuk tu kepala sana batu – binjul), but that’s the thrill. Imagine letting urself flowing freely along the river – no life jacket a..
Want to know more of this place?
Don’t hesitate to contact me ya :)
macam di spa..hehe

Mr. Jeffrin ever so loving with the fishes :)

a bit far from the royal fishes - where u can swim freely(syiok tau!!)haha

patient visitors, waiting for their turn to be 'massaged'

hehe..kesian..geli this little boy (kena paksa dadi dia)

no,,he's not being attacked by the fishes - he's being massaged by them. according to the owner, the more fishes come and massaged u,, the more 'angin' u hv in ur body, hehe

dorang ni la yg paling banyak angin,, huhu

hmm,,dont try this with other fishes in the sea ya,,

i luv this scene the most as it reminds me of the body rafting that we did - woooooo hooo

fishes are supposed to be afraid of people,,right? wrong. not these fishes

do u really want to know how that feels like? hehehe

alala..u need to go there :)

So ticklish ba, hehe (^_*)


AngeL BeaR said...

nice....in KL they got a place called 'Fish Spa' in Berjaya Times Square...haven't tried it out...but will sure love to try this in Ranau..bukan susa..drive dari KK jak ba...heheheehe...mo bawa family la p try ni....

nc said...

hi angel bear,,
thanks for the comment,, ya, u have to go there..syok,, n unik ni,, hehe

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