06 August 2008

Here in Borneo Kellybays

Was not at home for the past 3 weekendsss..bz..bz ..bz organizing trips n activities for my tourism fellas..tired..burnout..u name it..yet luckily enjoyable..and a real eye opener to all the prescious things that we have so near to us..but have not yet been discovered by most of .. – us.

Well, I was planning to blog this a day after each trip. But..bz bz.. (-_-)

2nd August 2008 – 3rd August 2008

A great fan of the outdoor and soft adventures, I chose the Borneo Kellybays for a weekend of water sports hoo haa and camp by the beach side. Just a few stones a way from Tuaran – im sure not many of our local people have heard or been to this wonderful, peaceful place..since the place concentrate more on the foreign market and has only opened its gate to orang kita for the past few years.
So welcome to Borneo Kellybays,, where u can enjoy a mangrove cruise, beach sunset and mount Kinabalu magnificent view, all at the same time.
I guess everybody enjoyed themselves very much, especially when the buffet table was ready and groomed with mouth watering food. Nevertheless, breakfast time was the most precious for me,,with the cooling mangrove scene, fresh air and eating together as a big family – wow.

Came banana boat time..everybody seemed restless and dying to go for the second, third may be non stop banana rides – wooooooooooooHoooooooooo.. I hop on to the last banana well before noon –when we’re supposed to get ready for cheking out time. Sing with me now…BABY hOp..banAna..hop..banana.. (^_^) !! all stressful feeling seemed drowned everytime we were tossed out from the banana. The most unforgettable banana ride for me – I guess, well,,for a non – swimmer & water phobia me. Being thrown 7 times from the banana boat..wooo hoooooo,,sadap ba la air laut – hahaha J

The weather was so good to us that weekend – just what all the orang puteh hunt for everytime visiting Sabah. From sunny day, sweet sunset, star filled sky at night, and waves crashing the beach floor,, I was not surprise that some of the fellas did not sleep at all. Waking up to the sun rise – from ur tent..at the beach side, greeted by the morning waves – is truly MARVELLOUS.

..gosh, I cant believe I already miss the place.
Lets go to Kellybays ;)
(^_^) i luv this bamboo boat

foot prints on the sand..

Kellybays awaits you from afar

my partner in crime hehe

mesti la posing dlu

our big..big campfire..

the calm mangrove..so peaceful

sing - "here i am..at six a.m in the morning.."

isnt the sunrise beautiful

perfect sunset!

wooo hooo..posing everytime kena buang di laut!!

very enjoyable banana ride

this is how u do it..hehe - cant stop shouting oo

choose which ever u want - paddle boat, kayak, or being thrown from the banana boat!

unforgettable breakfast!!


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