26 August 2008

Forever Young (^_-)

well well well,,happy birthday to me..
the day finally arrived - not in style, n no big hoo haa watsoever (same old same old).
no regrets of course, for never any hope of a celebration or candle blowing party.
but was hoping could enjoy the moment with my closest partner - but he left for work on the day it self - doii gia..
Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll...life goes on.
thanks soo much to my dear friends for all the birthday wishes, lunch gatherings and slices of cakes,,hehe.. it was all soooo wonderful
yummy yummy yummy..

(i shared this birthday cake with 9 August child colleagues)

but still wondering a bit..why my friends can 'celebrate' my day better than my beloved :( , and even have to leave on the day it self.

does this called for more understanding and compassion on my side..?..hmmm(sigh)


a promise of a big cake the next month - wont be as original as the anticipating feeling on the day itself..n wont make up the lost moment anymore..but..tak pa la.

Really appreciate his patient with my notorious behaviour.

OKai,,life goes on (again) n new resolutions are made.

This time focusing on the financial department and of course the 'happily ever after' chapters.

Dear God, thank you for i am still alive today,

please forgive my sins..in what i hv done..n in what i hv failed to do..should u take my life tommorrow.

Please bless my family, friends, relative, my two cats at home, my dear dear fiance, n to all the people in the world..

protect them from harm, bless us with good health n well being,

guide us with ur love..so we can live in Ur love forever n ever.


p/s: happy birthday to u as well my darling (29.08)


Kay said...

hapi birthday big gurl...

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