11 October 2012

Yours Sincerely..nc

it's me. back. on the blogging track. suddenly.
been missing out a looot here.
the working world is intoxicating me.
SO, i decide. 
that's it. 

everybody needs to work (of cos) and PLAY.
and i have forgotten..that my blog is my playground.
so here i am. again.

with a different layout and everything again.
ikut mood juga ba kn.

trying to keep it as simple as possible this time.
and this is one of the dynamic views template on blogger.
the blog list and followers list is on the right side. and the left is a list of all posts.
which..i like very much. cuma...tuuuuuuu..na. yg mcm navigation bar warna peach di atas tu.
i really have no idea how to change the link or get rid of it.
ive checked all the html carefully..(mcm la hebat sgt)..but..still cannnot o.
please. somebody help me.
if not.. just turn a blind eye on it la a. :)

Just an update.
Here's my Neve just this morning.
ready for momom.
i was about to leave for work.

That's all for now.
Will be back again.


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