Bah, this is it.. :)
i've been wanting to post this since last nite.. but was just to tired to do anything. we go.

21st May 2011
An unforgettable visit n community work at the SPCA KK cats shelter.
see the cats..? Too cute to be true..
How could anyone throw away/disown such creatures..

I really would love to share you how each minutes was spent at the temporary cats shelter..but there are just too many things in my mind..ideas running thru..kunun, on how i can initiate a new project to help these cats..and of course SPCA :)

isk..bnyk betul kunun sa mau try2 buat.. but all for the good cause of the miaw miaw..
and since it's a passion..i know i can do it.
Jan lupa support2 nanti a my dear blogger friends..
sincerely.. and only if ur an animal lover :)

Meanwhile..let the pictures say everything..

By just looking at these containers where the cats have their drinks..makes my heart cry. 
so people, if u have any unwanted containers that are still useable..keep them..and donate it to SPCA ya.. 
i Will. :)

The surrounding of the temporary cat shelter. See those weeds and the clogged drains..adoi.. smlm mcm hujan kuat lagi o.. harap2 tidak tersumbat lagi itu drain. Nasib ada si Chegu Carol..Annieming..and Bloggie Doggie menulung menabas itu samak2 :)
sa jadi paparazi dorang.
When the vet came that morning.. a few of the cats were vaccinated..and we got to see them kena jarum2 LiVe!! hehe..poor cats.. ada yg takut2 ni..
but hey ho..cheers to the kind vet who visited and treated them :)

yayyy...meal time :) all cats waited patiently..hmm..lagi berdisiplin o dorang ni dari kucing2 ku di rumah.. :)

One for the picture.. with Mdm Faridah of SPCA KK :)

Bah, gmbar2 in action a.. hehe..boleh pandang2..smbil buat kerja.. :) sa nda dpt join dorang melutut2 kasi bersih..sakit o lutut sa..
Chegu carol with one of the big cats..actually all the cats there are big..
kena kembiri ni.. 
You cannot differentiate which is a 'he' or 'she' sometimes..hehe

Ms. Bloggie Doggie Diana..with her favourite.. :) Sa terlepas ambil gmbr si Annieming..getting friendly with the cats..siou a.. blm layak jadi paparazi sebenar ni.. but im sure she has a lot great pictures to share :)

I'd love to bring home 1, or 2 or 3 cats..but..i have about 15 at home..atukkoi...:)

More pictures at my facebook page ya.. and of course blog entries by the fellow ladies..:)
see you there.

First thing first: Become a member of SPCA KK
yeahhhhh :)
p/s: kalu sa sda jadi member.. baru dpt buat projek :)
alala..mcm 2 bulan lebih sa mau baranak sda ni tau.. sempat kah ni..hahahaha


Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Siok...mimang siok kana kurumun kucung2 yg gumuk!

Deanona said...

the 1st thing yg sa ingat time sa bgn pagi the next day is the kucing there~ T.T sunyi sdh drg sama tu anty kan.. =(

Glamiva said...

Eee bestnya ada gini! I never knew such thing! Gud for u nc!

Kay Masingan said...

siuk o..wish sa pun ada situ peluk2 tu kucing...

AnnieMing said...

Sa rindu si Zoey sudah.. Huhu..

I'm sure there'll be more visits from us soon. ;-)

Meitzeu said...

nice job! Great to know SPCA KK is active here!

chegu carol said...

memang ko patut jadi tukang gmbar ja nc hehehe...tida buli kerja berat2.

next time lagi!

CathJ said...

Congrats and well done ladies.. ^_^

Tapi kau hati2 juga NC.. org bunting selalu kena hati2 with cats and dogs.. unless the cats and dogs ada kena kasih makan ubat bunuh kuman or cacing... lupa apa nama tu ubat... coz by touching them.. boleh menjangkit ke baby... (touch wood.. palis2 jauh2..)..

Just a little advice .. :D

Uzoeiy @ Zoi said...

eh, ada kucing nama Zoey ka juga Nc? mcm nickname sy juga o.haha!
di mana ni tempat ni? mcm kesian juga tu kucing2 tp at least ada tempat tu kucing2 berlindung.

nc said...

iya ba, mimang siok.. nasib ja sa tepaksa kontrol2 inda dpt pigang2 kucing sgt :) bah, len kali wajib join a :)

sa kn,, ampir2 inda dpt tidur tu malam..tepkir tu miaw2 sana.. sb smpai ja rumah smpai mau tidur sda pasal itu kucing2 ja sa cerita ni..mau bedarah sda telinga dorang dgr ni kali..hahaha

there is :) n we could volunteer to do a little help :)

sa rasa paning kepala ko mo plih mana satu kucing ko mau paluk2 nanti tu.. hehe

bah, tapau si zoey..hehe, ya, nanti kita pgi lagi a..arap sa dpt join lagi ni.

nc said...

thanks :) it should be done all over the country right :)

Chegu Carol:
terima kasih..len kali kn..bulih kita bawa kupi2 lagi ba ni.. utk minum2 lepas buat keja kn..hehe

yep, betul itu. dont worry.. il try my best. msti slu kasi bersih tngan n everything kalu pigang kucing n anjing :) thnks for ur concern a..

iya, zoey nama dia ni.. tpi nasib sebutan bukan zoi, hehe.. kesian tau kalu ko npk betul2 tempat ni.. sa pun tahan2 ja tingu mula2

Arms said...

Saw this on Annie's and Chegu's blog... and I'll say it again, sia jealous! I always wanted to help cats but dunno how... silly right. What an excuse LOL.

But eniweiz, you ladies are amazing to help over there. I'm sure the people there appreciate it a lot, and the cats do too! Adui, no MAN power ka haaha. If I were near there, you guys can call me ba, biar this Tangan Kuat pigi tulung kamu haaha.

melbie said...

Nancy, ngam la tu ko cakap.. first thing first, be a member! :) That'll help with the number of voices for SPCA KK :) While you can't be there physically, you can always help by spreading the word :) Thanks a lot ya!

Arms, I can assure you, and speaking on behalf of 'the people there', that it was a heaven-sent help :) And yes, no MAN power, we need strong men like you to help laa.. always welcome to! For now, all the daily physical works are done by Power Puff Girls of SPCA KK .. sia buli kira pakai jari lagi, nda abis pun jari tangan hehe...

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