Another cat entry?
Yep..this time it's especially for a good friend Kay of Tulus Dari Hati.

One of our cats at home delivered 4 cute kittens about 2 months ago..
Two of the kittens look like these..

Aren't they adorable?
The eyes are actually pure blue.
They're jumping off the sofa and everywhere reachable nowadays.
And..they're not afraid of our dogs :)
Good thing that the dogs do not attack them as well.

Another two of the kittens look like this. 
A black and white..which we have a lotttttt at home :)
Only managed to take one of the kittens picture though..yg satu tu.. ntah p mana dia lari2 time tu.
Cute kah?
hehe..of course..all kittens are cute. Adorable. 
Makes me crazy.

Two of these kittens will be adopted by Kay.
kan? hehehe..

The Siamese..and the black n white kitten above.
The whole family is actually reluctant to give away these kittens..but come to think of it..
it's impossible to take care of all 15 cats altogether..especially when they're all grown up.
Ko imagine ja time mau kasi makan.. ribut2 dorang tu..ko  pun pening.
And..since Kay is a cat lover her self..i'm sure she will take great care of these kittens.

If you're looking for kittens to be adopted..(yep..we have another cute adorable one, just one month old)..just tell me. I'm not a kitty cat supplier or pengedar kucing a.. just looking for a good home for them. 
No, we don't plan to let all our grown up cats to be adopted anymore. They're of a very high sentimental value.
Their kittens..why not?
And no.. i'm not going to shelter them away at the SPCA cats shelter. 
I have always thought of our home as a mini shelter anyway..bcos..for ur info..none of our 15 cats are originally ours.
We only have one cat.
He died. Went missing..and left a legacy.hahaha..ntah la generasi ke berapa sda tu.

Okie..will be sharing u more pictures soon, this time with Kay and the two adopted kittens.

*All pictures are courtesy of LucyLiew Photograph, my sister*


Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Nc, mmg ada spesis c Chika kucing2 ko ni? Ada kah mereka relative yang terpisah-pisah kerana kekejaman manusia ekekek!

Oh well, sa tatap mau jaga c Chika walau apa pun! yay!

Kris and Nadia said...

Wahhh... 15 lagi tu.. pingsan..haha.. tp kalu suda besa n teda tu kucing smua, pandai sunyi tu kan rasa..huhu..

Btw, kwn sya ( and c annieming ) d skul bilang kalu jaga binatang time pregnant bagus tu utk ko nanti time ko beranak lancar ja..

dlu masa sya 36 weeks ada satu kucing pregnant juga, asal sya makan dia pun mo minta makan, rimas jg sya, but sya bagi juga dia makanan la :) sama2 kami mkan.. skali sya branak dia pun beranak ba...haha.. bgs jg ni n lancar jg sya beranak :)

Kay Masingan said...

o ari 6 ni sa dtng ambil

Just said...

mcm c chika-mouren oo... hehehe..

melbie said...

Hi, Nancy :) Thanks for coming over to SPCA's shelter together with CheguC too..

Kittens are cute, adorable.. yes.. but after reading your post here, it's high time to have your cats spayed/neutered if you haven't ya :) Manusia pun ada family planning, let's do the same for the animals :D

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