14 May 2010


was on my homepage this morning..and found this.
Allow me to share:


7 Things to Stop Doing Now on Facebook


1.Using a Weak Password 

nc says: there are a lot of so call mind-readers/ hackers/tukang busy body out there. dont take the risk.


2.Leaving Your Full Birth Date in Your Profile

nc says: omigosh.. i have been doing this all this while. but i want people to notice my birthday (haha)..ermmm..okay..the year has to change then a.k.a grow younger. 


3.Overlooking Useful Privacy Controls

nc says: uiiii....very very very useful. please check and tick where appropriate. THINK: do you really want to be FRIENDS with your boss?(yes they have facebook too). HIDE or BLOCK.


4.Posting Your Child's Name in a Caption

nc says: too many people are doing this. Danger is lurking worrr...


5.Mentioning That You'll Be Away From Home

nc says: okay, my favourite as well. Ooookay.. will stop doing this. Its a double bonus for people with negative intention. 


6.Letting Search Engines Find You

nc says: its a good thing actually, since its a jejak-kasih kind of thing. but then,,,heiii...susah mau cakap..


7.Permitting Youngsters to Use Facebook Unsupervised   

nc says: what, you really want your seven year old to play that Mafia games or spend their hours in front of the screen chatting with you-dont-know-who? nope.     

Thank you for reading.
You can read the full article HERE
then..go right away to your facebook setting.

nc says: 
             my hubby is losing..a lot of prepaid credits for a mobile facebook alert he never sign up with.
             perhaps its SOMEBODY using his mobile number.
             for heaven sake, he's not even an active facebook user.
             nda lagi bleh kasi hilang tu. gosh.

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Delores said...

wowww.. sedapnya guring pisang tu. di mana tu? sri petagas ka??

nc said...

Tatapppp.. (^_^)

Santafire said...

Gladys posted about how to unsubscribe from the fb sms thing. Perhaps you should check her blog.

nc said...

santafire: ok.. thnks a. :)

chegu carol said...

i use my full dob on my profile but i allowed only certain group of friends to see it. dunno why i prefer people to know my real age. :)

btw, thanks again for the free movie tickets. we watched sherlock holmes for the second time with it.

SJB said...

Kuih pisang kah tu? punya lah besar. Makan 1 or 2 pun boleh kenyang oh.

nc said...

chegu carol: bz body bah dorang tu,hehe.. well, gald u enjoyed the movie tickets :)

SJB: o yg besar tu actually bread yg kena guring ba, hehe..yg di belakang tu yg guring pisang

Mell_f said...

One possible reason why dia nda suru reveal the dob kan coz some ppl tend to create pswd using their birthdate bah that. I think so la coz dulu sy pun gitu wakakaka.

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