18 November 2009

Two Lives, Two Hearts

..a tiring day indeed.
7 days more to go..and no time to rest. uhuhuhu..
nda la beseri2 muka sa nanti ni..
BUT..a worthy day indeed as J n i just got back from keningau to get the streamers from a cousin and in-law. hmm..it feels good to get away from the workplace and be anywhere but the office for now :)

hujan o jalan kimanis time balik. singgah sebentar di kadai2 yg ada makan2 tu...any of u have eaten thre? we did..today. hehe..mmm..2 and a half star only la :)

yeshhh, the very BiG streamer which will be used for the reception. i really love the clouds.

and...all of these are the courtesy of mySoundnLight taiko. :) xie2 ni Charles n Esther.

nc says: "two hearts, two lives. join together in friendship, united forever in love". gosshhh..i just fell in love with this. :) mmmwahhhh


Angel said...

wah. mo dekat suda your big day nc. mesti ko berdebar2 kan :)

Pammie said...

Jangan tia berseri2 on your bigday ahh nc.. heheh see ya on your BIGDAY!! final countdown suda ni kannn :)

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

kamu bawa mysound juga! yeah.. sure best tu hehe.. c u tomorrow nancy ;)

my advice, pigi spa! pamper yourself, you deserve it, bride-to-be.. hehe

nc said...

Angel: bedebar2 juga la skg ni..hehe..sb tiba2 tinggal beberapa ari la pla..dlu mcm lamaaaaa lagi.. :)

Pamm: nda tau la ni ,,beseri2 ka nda nanti haha..bnyk ba pla mo di buat hari2 ni tau.. ingat kn blh rilek..ada ja kena pgi ambil la, buat la..duiii mcm p kerja ja ni

annieming: kami pinjam mysound punya stand sja tu. hehe..nasib si chals kasi pinjam. mcm teda masa ni mo pgi spa2 o.. :(

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