19 November 2009


..im tired.
From all the running, finding, coordinating, thinking..and all -ing that u can think of.
i thought its all rest and relax once im away from work. but seems like more work need to be done.

*4 days before the wedding: super last minute shopping..
*3 days before the wedding: fix-me-please appoinment with my personal hair/makeup lady.
*2 days before the wedding: late evening church ceremony rehersal - and a gotong royong early morning till noon, the same day.
*1 day before the wedding: get the gowns, attire etc etc
* 1 day after the wedding: at home getting ready for all vendors to come and set things up for the saturday reception.
*2 day after the wedding: attend an engagement party of a cousin..n jadi tukang angkat barang2
hanimun??hhmmm..can u imagine the workload that need to be done first? isk3..

nc says: pray nc..pray..


Gallivanter said...


Ervina said...

sumandak! jangan panik2 dulu yaaa... berhati2 di jalan raya tau!! Take care urself and dunt sleep late if u can! im sure everything will be fine. minta2 la sana danau enda hujan on saturday okie! cross fingers **

Vienne said...

relak2 bride to be** jgn fikir banyak...now, just let everything goes as plan...
Just pray that everything will be OK

♥ AnnieMing ♥ said...

ok ja tu semua.. kalau mau dekat2 wedding suda, ramai tu relatives dtg membantu.. ;)

can't wait 2 c u again next week!

Kris and Nadia said...

aiyai... ya sya pun cari family members tulung2 kunun.. but first kita mesti tau apa kita mau kan.. :)

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