09 October 2009

6 weeks

it was more than 6 months..when we started planning the details of our BIGgy day.
and now..6 weeks?
time really flies.
Daisypath Wedding tickers

..most of my friends know about the whole thing and beginning to ask for invitations..hehe..stay cool people..gotcha on the list.
cuma masalah ny..invitation blm siap o..hehehe..

its too late to blame anyone now..since i chose to do it on my own.
ni la ba ni kalu perfectionist yg inda juga perfect..hmm.. sory dear, i should listen to u.
tpi,,mau juga kasi puas hati sndri kn..haha.. (^_^)

nc says: the stack of invitations..hmpir siap sda kunun smua. im going solo on this.
:) though not the most beautiful or perfect..,,im happy :)

meanwhile..here's how my lappy keyboard looks like now..adui,, i thought i was going to get rid of them (the stickers) the next day after being used. sb..bikin pening mula2. but now..im beginning to get the hang of it.haha..bought it for rm5 from a computer shop in C.P. (sinter puin). sepa2 mau bili..bnyk lagi yg kiut2.. :)

o.k,,..till then.


AngeL BeaR said...

ahhhaha...thats how i felt when organizing for my brother's wedding...next week ada lagi ni susulan dia.. =p

Mama Mia said...

u better speed up your engine,NC. After siap, mau hantar lagi tau tu.. :)

nc said...

Angelbear: ada susulan? hehe..wa..bagus ny. kalu sia..susualn sndri2 ja la ni haha

MamaMia: yep,, ni la ni..mau speed sda ni kunun..inda blh rilek sda huhuhu..

Uncle Lee said...

Hello NC, love your keyboard, first time I see a colourful one.
You have fun and keep well, Lee.

Stella O.K. said...

Hi Nc,
wah mcm masi bnyk lg ko mo kasi complete tu..ba..apa lg..kasi speed engine kau..hehehe.. GooD LucK!

nc said...

uncle Lee: thnks :) a colorful one to keep me happy..hehe

stella: ya, mau speed sda ni.. msti mau siap cpat2 hehe

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