17 August 2009


There's a sudden burst of thankfulness in my heart right now.
can't explain.
Pictures of my beloved J, my family, my friends, my miawwws..(hehe) is flipping thru' my mind
and there's that soft whisper of reminding me to be thankful with what we've got.
I am.

I am thankful for i have my family,, small, ridiculous but loving and warm.
I love u ma, pa, sis.
I am thankful for the love of my life, who'd climb any mountains just to call me..hehe
I luv u hun, see ya in a few days (*wink2)
I am thankful for i am still breathing, living, feeling, seeing life.
I want to be thankful for the beautiful cats that create colours in everybody at home's life.
(u shud hear my dad talk to the cats at home,,hehe)
I want to be thankful for..everything.

(click this beautiful poem for better view)

Thank you Lord, for reminding me this today.

nc says: give thanks, it doesn't hurt.


C.Alv.B said...

Yup give thanks everyday

Stella O.K. said...

yes nc..it's a great deed..

appreciate the Life.. Thanks God for we still could breath and live today..thanks for each thing we have today.. and on top of that Apprecite this Life is a matter tht we can't compare than anything else.. as well as.. Love Conquer the World..Love is the Most powerful..

Have A Great Day Ahead..:)

nc said...

hello ladies,,

thanks so much for the support, the two of u always picks me up with great and positive comments

cheers to Alv n Stella (^_^)

Kris and Nadia said...

Ya betul tu.. mesti thankful for everything we have.. nanti nda kena bagi lg oleh Tuhan kan..huahua.. :) sya rasa ko lg full of motivation dr sya ooo.. sya belajar dr ko jg ni.. hihi.. :)

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