07 May 2009

She gave me Life

I have never given it much thought. Mothers day?

But something strikes me this time around. The feeling of wanting to shower my parents with gifts and stuff is burning as I watch their grey hair grows with time. Everybody gets old,,for sure. But when one is a mother or a father,,,one grows old meaningfully..and gracefully, no matter how rugged or jagged their faces may be.

A few more days to mothers day. I bet everybody’s thinking of the best gift to give to the most wonderful woman in everybody’s life. But somebody said “No gift to your mother can ever equal the gift she gave you – life.” True. But dont let that stop u..just do everything or anything u can to make that happiness thrive and appreciation be felt..kn? (^_^) I guess the favour can only be returned when you are a mother yourself and shower your children with love, care, attention that equals to your mother.

I wish I could grow old myself with my parents beside me. .what can I say..im a mama’s girl.

I really dont understand those people who rather put away their parents at old folks home.


... ...... .

..i wish I could write more. But that sentimental feeling is all over me right now. I better stop.

Anyway,, no words could portray the love of a mother.


Lets have a toast to all the mothers out there, wherever u are.

Nc's toast:

"To all mothers out there,may you will be blessed with love and care where ever you are, what ever you do. And may be you will be blessed with good health and well being and have a beautiful soul that guides hearts and acts of people around you. And to my dearest ma, we love you so much though we may have never said it – that goes to u 2 pa.”

she gave me life. (with our used - to - be small pet piiiittt)

proud moments. my parents with sister during convocation day at UM.
so happy,, sb dpt makan angin juga at the same time kn. wish we could do more of that.
(wanna gues which one is my sister? haha)

and as a treat to all mothers out there..here's a collection of Mothers of All Colours that i got from a fowarded email. the beautiful images are copyright of ImageBank i guess. hope they dont mind the pictures to be shared by all eyes..
here goes.


Kris and Nadia said...

yiii... cute :) happy mother's day jg kpd smua mama mama :)

Every Photo Tells A Story said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mother, Nancy. I hope she got to see it:)

nc said...

thanks nadia,, n Nancy (EPTAS),,:)

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