18 January 2009

Happily Ever After

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the article “The 7 Steps to Happily Ever After” in the Sunday newspaper this morning. An answered prayer? Hmm..i don’t know..i guess its more to an unexpected reply to a hopeless remark on my facebook status last Friday:
Nc is trying to find the secret of happily ever after. Any such thing??? And got myself a comical reply from a tompinai instead..haha.
Anyway. I’d like to share with u what the article said. It could be an eye opener to all of us..esp those in a relationship or planning to get into one..and live happily ever after.
Caution: No glass sandals or poisoned apples involved – they only exist in fairytales.
Step 1: Find a shared dream for your life together.
Article says: Best of partners never lose sight of the fact that they’re working together to achieve the same big dreams. When you share a dream, you’re a heck a lot more likely to make that dream come true.

Nc says: I’m trying to be more positive nowadays..with the help of some friends. So I will agree 99% on this one. YEP. Find a dream that both of you want to achieve. It doesn’t have to be big dreams. Small hopes that come to life will make you both appreciate each other more. So..huney..how big shall our SHARED dream house will be? hehe
Step 2: Choose each other as your first family.
perfect. Hmm..can this be a perfeArticle says: ..one in which husband and wife are the A-team..an important part of building your self image as a duo (and maybe eventually three.or four..)
Nc says: the dynamic duo. That sounds TOOOO ct excuse to not to live together with your in laws? Haha..
Nc: ok hun lets change into our super A-team outfit
Partner: huney, we don’t need any outfit to be an A-team. We are A team..cant you see? (continues to watch football on TV)Nc: (scribbles off dynamic duo outfit as a SHARED dream)
Step 3: Iginite (and reiginite) a sexual connection.
Article says: ‘who wants the same turkey sandwich over and over again? You want it on a whole wheat! On a toast! As a turkey salad! On a roll!’
Nc says: need I say more?

Step 4: Find a balance between time for two and time for you
Article says: “there are couples that are never apart and there are couples that only see each other on weekends. With the right balance, neither partner feels slighted or smothered.
Nc says: When you’re in a love- long distance, its never balance (*sigh). Its hard. I guess it’s the shared dream basis that keep things alive.
Step 5: Learn how to fight right.
Article says: It means staying focused on the issue at hand and respecting each other’s perspective. Couples that fight right also find ways to defuse the tension, often with humour.
Nc says: Wouldn’t it be good if there is an automatic diffuser in our mind or body that cuts of all words and actions that it sense would lead to an argument???

Nc: (on the edge of anger) ..why the fu*..(automatic diffuser senses bad words that could ignite argument..thus ,).., f..antastic four movie rerun not on yet?
Partner: ( heran) (but smiles)
Nc: (feels the sudden warmth of joy) , Lets go to the movie and forget everything?
Step 6: Face a major challenge together.
Article says:You never know how strong your relationship is until it is tested. When you do make it through in one piece, you might just find yourselves tighter than ever.
Nc says: Think Mr and Mrs Smith (the movie) as in Mr AND Mrs SMITH(not Brangelina).
Step 7: Build a best friendship.
Article says:When you’re true friends, you acknowledge and respect what the other person is; you don’t try to change them. This creates a sense of safety and security when you’re together – you know you’re valued for who you are and you see you’re the value in your partner.
Nc says: One of the greatest thing in life is to be married to your best friend (of the opposite sex of cos!!haha)

There you go. The 7 steps. How many do you have in hand..or would like to have?
I’ll try to take all seven..with God’s blessings.
p/s: I still think the A –team outfit should be STEP 8.


AngeL BeaR said...

hrm...happily ever after...

"Nc says: When you’re in a love- long distance, its never balance (*sigh). Its hard. I guess it’s the shared dream basis that keep things alive." <-- yep, me and my guy live with this one to keep us going. *sigh* I miss him...uhuhuh..

kiszty said...

nice share nc! luv it!
well, step 4 catch my sight..huhu.
as u say, long-distance love was really hard.
couples need more understanding and +ve thinking..
but still.. hard for me to be toooo far away from him..-___-

Kris and Nadia said...

wah,romantik picture ooo.. semoga happy slalu...ya actuali sya pun nda tahan tau bjauhan..hihi.. ( sama la kita kisty ) hihi... byk tawaran keja yg lumayan gaji tpaksa di tolak oleh c dia ni... br2 ni byk tul mo ambik dia keja jauh2 luar negara lg tu..sya mana tahan ni..nangis nanti... maybe i shud share wif you jg ttg wut i think about love kan.. emm...hihi.. :) btw.. happy slalu k :)

nc said...

thanks Angelbear, Kisty, Nadia for ur lovely comments..:)

Angelbear n Kisty: im so glad to know that im not alone in things like this. yep, it is hard to bea far away from each other kn,, (double sigh*..)

Nadia: ur so lucky to hv to loved one with u. ok ba, sharing about love is a great girl topic,, ba nti ko share2 a, hehe

-Beck; the Bandagedknee- said...

for all those facts about u.. ;) its great for ya! :) lov the pic! ;)

nc said...

,,thanks beck (^_^)

Bulukun said...

wow great cuple nc..

beautiful share
beautiful day.

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