so overwhelmed to get this award from Nadia.
yep, ur right Nadia,,

Minnie would be nothing without Mickey,
No Tiger..
N who would Sponge Bob be without Patrick..
..whats me without my Joy

i would like to give the white ribbon back to Nadia for passing me this award..n to all blogger friends out there,,ur the best, i never knew blogging could bring so much satisfaction..n a chance to make new friends. well,, i know now ^_^

so people,, to fill up the requirement for this award,, here are the 10 names

  • michelle
  • mia
  • cath
  • uzoy
  • ervina
  • pammie
  • beck
  • grace
  • gracie
  • kisty
  • angelbear
  • sue fingers
  • Mogiumtusin
  • DusunAroma
  • whanita

wooopss..thats more than 10..when it comes to friendssss..number doesnt matter ba kn,,

hv a great day everyone


AngeL BeaR said...

thank u~~

The Dusun Aroma said...

Ehh ada award untuk ku.. butul kah ni? kah hanya gurauan semata-mata?? mvm tak caye -.-"

Bah trimas banyak2.. rupanya ko anggap juga sia kawan ko :)


Mia said...

tengkiu..tengkiu...sya sungguh berbangga mendapat ini anugerah..terima kasih kerana menyukung sya selama ini...he he...(macam dapat anugerah artis popular pulak)...

Kris and Nadia said...

Thank you2 ... yay.. :) Blogger friends forever.. n anything yg kita chat ka apa.. dun take personally ya :) men2 ja tu k :)

nc said...

hehe...don worry,, no offence too ya nadia,,
,,,ok ba kalu kamurang smua,, ^*^

-Beck; the Bandagedknee- said...

awww... ty for the award hun.. :) loving it! :)

nc said...

u r sooo welcome beck,,miss having u around :), all the best to u

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