26 October 2008

My Own Little Trademark

I wanted to sit down and post this one a week ago but never got the time – had to rush to Genting for a conference.
Hmm..i’l scribble about that one later.
..AND so,, I decided to make my own little trade mark for all the pictures/photos I posted here in my blog. Why? Haha..maybe just to hop on to the latest trend nowadays (^_^), and I think it is kind of cool.
Though not a professional photographer or artist specializing on digital print, I guess it’s a way of acknowledging your own work..right? auw..come on people..
I spent a few days thinking of the right words to choose for my little trademark, and finally came up with using my own blog address instead of my name or any other creative phrase. People do it, im sure its no harm for me to do it as well, as I am no threat to anybody hahaha..(not doing this for commercial purpose ya..) just for pleasure and satisfaction (and of course, a hint to let people acknowledge of my work; no matter how not –so- perfect it is).
Hence, I decided to put all pictures that I personally shoot with the trademark/watermark/what ever u may call it. A very simple design.
so,, here u go,,a collections of my favourite, so far :)
Admiring the green mountains from Kasih Sayang

Borneo Kellybays

Kinabatangan river cruise

The Tip of Borneo

Kibunut river

at the UMS jetty

UMS jetty lamp postsss

Mount Kinabalu from afar..

kids having fun at Tanjung Aru beach - my favourite hangout

Little key chains sold at Sumangkap village in Kudat

Beautiful bride - my sis in law

me - having a tough time at work. ha!

the Cat@ home- look at his expression,,hahaha (tension kena ambi gambar..)


HoneyBUZZin said...

Kasih Sayang is one of the best spot where one can view the whole city..and do you know, the tip of Borneo looked so much like New Zealand..remind me of seals. Nice pictures..very enlightening!Keep it Up! Nice Blog.

Anonymous said...

buli tahan pun ni kau ambil gambar! bah ambil lagi banyak-banyak...

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